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"I don't know which one of you I like"


Like so many of her clan mates Alta is a Malkavian of two minds. One ancient, remembering the days of dominate, and a younger self who revels in the joys of dementation. Despite their best attempts neither personality has truly managed to kill the other. They're working on it.


1680: Born to a wealthy family of merchants in Rennes, France

1704: The voices begin to talk and she is kept locked away at home

1706: Met Timothe Perier, who convinced her family that he could help her.

1711: After years of living in isolation and learning from Timothe she is embraced and introduced to the ways of the Camarilla.

1711 - 1860: Her sight helps guide her sire's machinations through the turbulent wars of Europe. The two grow wealthier through war investments.

1860: Timothe and Alta arrive in the United States.

1861 - 1865: Visions received during the American Civil War further damage her mind and she retreats into isolation.

1900 - 1914: Leaves isolation to fight for the Camarilla during the Sabbat civil war.

1997: The return of dementation shatters Alta's mind. A new dominant personality, younger and in the throes of dementation, subsumes the elder seer. Timothe Perier dies.

1997 - 2015: Enamored with modern technology, the new Alta gives up the safety and comfort of life at court and takes to travelling around the United States.

2016: Alta arrives in Texas, curiosity about the plight of the southern holdings of the Camarilla pinning her in place. With the growing dominance of the demented personality the elder personality is silenced.

Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Sarah Wright
Storyteller: Nick Kice

Name: Alta Devereux

Clan: Malkavian

Embraced: Depends on when you ask her.

Sire: Timothe Perier

Notable Traits:

- Sees two of everything, and what she interacts with may or may not be real.
- She likes everyone, it's just a question of which version of everyone.
- For some reason, she uses a cell phone and texts to try and glimpse the future.
- Her behavior depends on the clan mate she has interacted with the most recently.


Accepted within the Camarilla

Confirmed as Ancilla

Acknowledged in San Antonio by Prince lepure

Loyal by Nova as Primogen of the clan in San Antonio

Courteous by the Harpy of Austin

Courteous by Prince lepure of San Antonio

Noble as Primogen of Clan Malkavian in Austin


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- (In French) "Mlle. Alta is a delight to observe from afar." - Guillaume de'Marianne
- "She's anxious, but eager to please. It's good to see the desire to make a name for oneself burn like a bright flame in her." - Edward Porter
- "I have a soft spot for Malkavians. Poor dear... She seems to be handling herself well, all things considered." - Lione Bonacorsi
- "Such vision. I hope she finds the strength to bring it out more often." - Jeannie
- "Perheps if the rest of our society would stop and listen to what they have to say, they would see the resourcefulness and the devotion both of them can provide" - Franc
- "She sees and listens, this is far more than some." - Nova
- "I've heard her called the daughter of Janus. Maybe we should talk." - Harper Gray
- "I missed it, at first... too distracted by the second face, you know... but she's down in there and I've got plans to bring her back out again." - Astrid Malikov
- "My memory is not what it used to be. She was so nice to remind me that we've met. Writing things down only goes so far when there aren't any pictures beside the writing." - Mabel Ruby
- "Like most Malkavians, quick to give information, and prone to going places they shouldn't. A dangerous road with it's rewards." - Stoneking
- "Alta has been instrumental (if overbearing) in instructing me with the myriad rules that govern camarilla society. Despite my many faux pas she (them?) even seems to enjoy my company, but will both of them like both of me?" - Hugo
- "A good little worker bee buzzing about busily doing what needs to be done." - Robyn Remington
- "It's always a delight to deal with a Malkavian who isn't shrieking, crying, or one of those taciturn Thought Police." - Jayne Joyce
- "We have met briefly but you come high recommended." - lazaro Aargon
- "The one most illusive piece on my board ? I do not know weather to place her as a pawn or something far more valuable..." Abelard
- "A most interesting tarot reading was given by Miss Alta, I wonder if it will come to pass." - Brigette Cooper
- "I want desperately for her prediction to come true. There has been a distinct lack of justice lately." - Clé deMontes
- "As I thought, a true daughter of Janus with an eye on the future and an eye on the past. I have already seen her prediction come to pass..." - Harper Gray
- "Alta?...If she behaves she and I will continue being perfectly fine...I only worry about that 'if'." - Guillaume de'Marianne
- "The key to Alta harnessing her potential is to have an assignment. Gonna give her things to do!" - Jeannie
- "Je suis toujours surpris par son sens de la mode délicieux" - Philippa
- "She is young and needs to learn the finer points of etiquette when dealing with Elders. She has the tools. She just needs the experience to hone them." - The Broken
- "Alta has a cannier mind than many would credit. Combined with the peculiar gifts of her blood, I would hesitate to bet against her. I merely hope she does not burn too brightly." - Nathaniel Lannick
- "Alta is my clanmate, and a true seer, one I hope to learn from. I will guard her to the best of my ability as I will protect my new city, even if that means dashing her from herself occasionally." Kris


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