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Character Information
Clan: Follower of Set
Sect: Independents
City: Bloomington, IN
Player: DST IN-013-D
Storyteller: DST IN-013-D
Bloomington's only Setite

Sire: Unknown
Embrace: Unknown
Residence: Bloomington, IN
Fleeting (possible by both Emissary to the Camarilla and Reputation Merits):

Notable Traits: tall, dark hair, quiet voice with genteel Southern accent; prefers to wear fitted jeans, shirts of dark rich fabric, long red-brown leather jacket, leather cowboy hat, and amber aviator style sunglasses

Information Known by Kindred Society

The information below is reasonably available to characters of the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independents continuity. Some subsections are marked as available knowledge only for certain groups of characters, and thus would not be known by every character.

Altan has dealt well enough with both the Camarilla and the Anarch Movement in the past that his reputation for dealing fairly and honestly, albeit still secretively, precedes him.

Known by Kindred Society At Large

Altan seems to have been sent to be an Emissary to the Camarilla from the Setites in early 2016, a couple years after the forging of the Independent Alliance gave Setites some more credibility to visit Camarilla courts. Before this, it seems that he--like many of his clanmates--stayed out of the public eye.

He is now situated in southern Indiana around the Bloomington / Bedford area.

Known by the Harpies

Altan is already useful (and clever) enough in affairs of the local court that he is owed several boons by members of both the local Camarilla court of Bloomington and the local Barony of Bedford. Based on track record, it seems Altan Dağa has consistently been a very useful Kindred to have around.

Known by the Followers of Set

His status as an Emissary to the Camarilla on behalf of the Followers of Set and the Independent Alliance is legitimate.


Sire: Unknown



Quotes by Altan Dağa:

  • "Take this gilt-edged volume here--Machiavelli's The Prince, More's Utopia, and Luther's Ninety-Five Theses: Address to the German Nobility Concerning Christian Liberty. You might say that this volume itself is an allegory for the three dominant Kindred sects, themselves products of the great strokes of Kindred history."
  • "Well, Bacon's 'Essays, Civil and Moral' start boldly enough. The first is 'Of Truth' and the second 'Of Death.' I'd say even most Kindred are less ready to read the former than the latter."
  • "History's greatest minds--Hugo Grotius, for example--have grappled with the ethics of the practice of lying. Only the simpleton believes it's an easy ethical decision to make, and only the fool thinks stating the truth is always the right course of action. We Kindred need lying like we need blood."

Quotes about Altan Dağa:

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  • He seems to be a man of letters, as evidenced by the choices of reading he carries to court to fill dull moments.
  • He's the best-networked Kindred in the Bloomington area.
  • The Prince of Bloomington has requested him to establish a night club safe for Kindred gatherings.
  • He's got some dealings with the Movement on the down-low.

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