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“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it:
That piece cannot be moved." - Soren Kierkegaard


The Basics
Name: Alton Cromwell
Clan: Ventrue

Knightbutton.png Confirmed as a member of the Camarilla.
Knightbutton.png Loyal by Archon Hudson

Alton was born in old time England. He recently awoke from Torpor upon recieving the news that his sire John Ketwick was murdered in Houston. He is a very stoic man. Some may even say austere.
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RP Role: .


Knightbutton.png Insert your rumor here!
Knightbutton.png Insert your rumor here!


Knightbutton.png "He's really quite fun for a Ventrue. I wasn't even sure they were capable of it, but I'm glad to be proven wrong." - Aoife Nicomedo
Knightbutton.png "What an interesting reputation he carries. I'll enjoy watching him grow in the city." - Jeannie
Knightbutton.png "Who? Oh. You're talking about the one that got away.. Yes. I know who he is." - Angelo
Knightbutton.png "Poor man, does he know what he's gotten himself into?" - Jayne Joyce
Knightbutton.png "No offense to him... But if he's anything like the others in Austin, I'm not going to like him. Better to just keep my distance." - Harper Gray
Knightbutton.png "He seems as though he is ready for a fight, does he know something very few others do too?" - Lucas Ebonwood
Knightbutton.png (French)"Resolved, quick, resolute...I look forward to working closely with him." - Guillaume
Knightbutton.png "I really do expect him to one day say 'The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors..' He should know this about himself" - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
Knightbutton.png "His temper is his undoing. If he is able to gain control of it, what power he would wield, as beneath that uncontrolled mess, lies a keen political mind." - Costanza Rodriguez
Knightbutton.png "Is he trying to make bringing werewolves to Court a new fashion trend? Look, I know people were trying to make caitiff henchmen de rigeur, but we all have limits." - Jayne Joyce
Knightbutton.png "Our lives, for better or worse, can be eternal. It wouldn't hurt to smile once and awhile." - Robyn Remington
Knightbutton.png "I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to wear white after labor day. If he's so rich how come he only has one suit?" - Hugo
Knightbutton.png "My Clanmates tell me its important to 'stick your dick in crazy at least once.' I wonder if that's the source of his fascination with the Werewolves." - The Broken
Knightbutton.png "Very Miami Vice, this one. He reminds me of Lars, minus the hot pink shirt. And less of a ladies man. Not that Lars is a ladies man. Doesn't seem like Primogen Cromwell is, either." - Mabel Ruby
Knightbutton.png "What's a Ventrue doing all alone in a city like Austin? I wonder if it has anything to do with the chip that seems permanently attached to his shoulder..." - Nathaniel Lannick
Knightbutton.png "We are watching Mssr. Cromwell...always." - Guillaume
Knightbutton.png "I wanna know what his sire ate before turning this motherfucker, because up until I met Cromwell I didn't know you could have a piece a' shit that big." - Vinnie
Knightbutton.png "Pulling together is what is needed now. I hope he is capable of it!" - Jeannie
Knightbutton.png "Will no other kindred of our society acknowledge that he was right about the werewolves? I don't blame him for acting out...I would do the same when the tower I'm trying to protect ignores my warnings" - Franc
Knightbutton.png "What a pleasure to find I have not overestimated him! More to come, I'm sure..." - Jeannie
Knightbutton.png "I appreciate his ability to rise above what others might expect." - Clémence deMontes
Knightbutton.png "I don't understand Cromwell. He appears to have raised the ire of nearly every Kindred in the city, yet he approaches these nights with the fearlessness of a puppy. He's a fool or a villain, and either way his path leads towards ruin. I think I'll keep my distance." - Luther Lannick
Knightbutton.png "Il est tout à fait le gentilhomme. J'aime la robe qu'il m'a prêté quand la mienne a été ruinée. Il est aussi beau que quelque chose que j'aurais fait.." - Philippa Brery


"Quote, quote, quote;
quote quote quote..."
- Quoted Person

Iron, Woodkid
A soldier on my own, I don't know the way
I'm riding up the heights of shame
I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I'm ready for the fight and fate

Ave Maria, Celtic Woman
Ora pro nobis peccatoribus, / Pray for us sinners,
Ora, ora pro nobis; / Pray, pray for us;
Ora, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, / Pray, pray for us sinners,
Nunc et in hora mortis, / Now and at the hour of death,


Player: Justin W.
MES ID: US2014040064
Misc: This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Vampire the Masquerade: Cam/Anarch game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.

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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Justin W.
Storyteller: Sam M.