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Character Information
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Legion
Sept: Sept of Falcon's Rest
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• ••••• ••
Honor: •••••
Wisdom: ••••• •••
Player: Jose Rios
Storyteller: Forrest Holt
  • Real Name:
    • Thomas Alvarez
  • Deed Name(s):
    • "Endron's Lullaby"
    • "Against All Odds"
    • "Tucks His Tail"
    • "Klarhet Av Visjonen" (Clarity of Vision)
    • "Terra Incognita aka Art of War"
  • Nationality:
    • American
  • Date of Birth:
    • August 31st 1989
    • Apparent Age: 26
  • Notable Traits:
    • Pure Breed 5
    • Mark of the Survivor
    • Mark of Lion's Favor
    • Mark of Wisdom's Lament
    • Mark of Honors Sanction

Physical Description:



He's really not all that intimidating of a guy standing roughly six feet tall and mostly wiry with the tan of someone who gets out and about. His hair could likely use a cut but it seems to work out for him. He's got dark eyes and an almost ever present smirk that can either enhance a smile or just set someone on edge. He's always got a look in his eyes that says he knows something you don't know and it's tough to decide at times whether you really want to know or not. For the times he has a shirt on with a low enough neckline there are hints of a large scar that runs from the base of his throat and then disappears into his shirt. His manner of dress is usually casual attire, jeans and t-shirts with black well worn Doc Martin style boots. Honestly, he doesn't look like his style of dress ever left the 90's grunge era for the most part.

His lupus form is much like his homid form, wiry and made to move. A deep black coat with white pinfur covers his body though his back is riddled with thin scars and gouges from some previous wound that seems similar to having been whipped or scourged. A large claw style scar runs from his neck and down over his chest. Scars aside though he doesn't seem to have lost any of his nimbleness or joy for life, even in this form those eyes speak of sarcasm and playfulness.

He's not often seen in this form but when he is, it's a sight to behold, jet black fur with those ranging white bits of pin fur making his coat look like a starry night, the same scars are present in this form as in any other and while the war form is anything but small his is built more for agility and grace, he has a bearing in this form that isn't often seen in others as if there's a bit of royalty under the skin, not that he'd ever admit to something like that. It isn't something he'd ever admit to but it's there none the less and his appearance reminds others of hero's past while his marks of breeding leave no question to his association with the Shadow Lords.

Public Information

Not very much is known about Alvarez. He just sort of cropped up all of a sudden back in 2008, before that any associations to that name don't exist. In the time that he is known it can be seen that he has roamed all over the U.S. though stories of his deeds are few and far between. Several times his name is mentioned in passing with regards to important bits of information being brought forward and at other times he's seen as a sort of pain in the ass to many. He hasn't really settled down anywhere until very recently where he found a home at the sept of Falcon's Rest. There he's quickly worked his way into the local setting and has gained some small measure of influence with the Havel family of kinfolk in Pueblo and San Isabel, Colorado. Known most recently for being instrumental in the extermination of some five hundred agents of Pentex First Teams. Still though, he is often out and about, seeing to the needs of the nation and his pack. Quite the well traveled Shadowlord.

Friends and Allies


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The Pack

Name: Legion
Totem: Buzzard


  • "Not the face!" - Alvarez
  • "No, Thomas, I do not know what a 'Fleshlight' is... OH HOLY GOD!!!" - Scarlet Jones, "Bringer of Light"
  • "He's a bit of a jester, but his antics served the purpose of keeping us from falling into despair. For that, I thank him." - Serena Argyris, "Stalks the Forest"
  • "He's clever, more clever than most give him credit for. People on the outside see only the tom-foolery and the ridiculous antics, but underneath is the scalpel-sharp mind of a true Shadow Lord. Only the blind and the dumb will forget that. And it will be a grave mistake. Sabine Silver Swift
  • "Alvarez-anrae has not yet learned when to dissent against the Status Quo and when to adhere to the mandate of Tradition. He is strong-willed, opinionated, clever and more than slightly hostile. All of those traits, when tempered by the plagues of battle as well as the wisdom of Rank and experience...will more than certainly forge him into a formidable paragon of our Tribe. I am pleased to call him family." Dylan "Howl of Thunder" Price
  • "No matter how many times I ask him to show me his crazy Corax battle-chicken form he just winks and walks away." - Qui-Gon Jim
  • "Just because his wit is often delivered as a fool, doesn't mean what he says is foolish. There is wisdom and truth in biting humor" Jericho Windstorm “Eye of Taifeng
  • "I'm still waiting to see if he puzzles out the reason he got his name, or if he's going to come and ask me why I chose it. One hopes for the former, as the latter will be an enormous disappointment." - Harmony of Tambiyah
  • "I saw Alvarez squeeze a vampire until he turned into bats. True story bro." - Gregor "Stranger than Fiction" Reichart
  • "Scarlett Jones Bringer of Light said you were trustworthy, that is good enough for me." - Tyvar Thorvaldson - Jarl of North Central Region
  • "Alvarez is an exemplary ragabash - his wit and tongue are as sharp as his eyes. In fact, I find it telling so many Garou find his words so biting - his uncanny ability to savagely rip his way to the heart of a matter makes him a daunting reminder of our duty and obligation. If he can learn some tact, he may even live long enough to put that tongue of his to good use." - Song of Thunder
  • "I've heard his voice. I'm curious to see how much people hear what he actually says." - Swift Talon
  • "Do not underestimate one who flies in the face of Danger and laughs. Best that you earn his trust instead, for so doing will add years to your life." AP
  • "I worry about him. He's a decent person." - Lara Radic, "Tides of War"
  • "My old packmate Ingrid taught me a valuable lesson; a Ragabash who's good at their job is one who walks a thin line, and is constantly under fire. Alvarez greets that hailstorm with a laugh, or he keeps his head down... or more often, he gets the hell out of the way like a smart person. Gives me hope." - Laughs Last
  • "I think that people never know whether they should take Alvarez seriously or not, until it is too late. A good quality for a Ragabash, I think." James Nathan Hunt
  • "Wait, I either have a clone or a long-lost twin. He reminds me of me three years ago." - Ana Thunder's Lesson
  • "I respect his rank..." - Long Fang
  • "He is my Moon Brother and we have taught each other much." - Minka "Bird On a Wire" Shaile
  • "Every time we cross paths blood is spilled or challenges are issued. I look forward to our next meeting" - Simona Decebal
  • "Very well. From now on, Alvarez, you will be known to the nation as Tucks-his-Tail. Now leave my Sept immediately." - Peter Berkowski
  • "Don't you guys just burn bras?" Said to Elsie Andrews


  • Alvarez was named a servant of the Wyrm and did not dispute the claim.
  • Thomas isn't his real name.
  • He earned those scars on his back by pissing off his ancestors.
  • Alvarez has never actually had a home sept and many view him with suspicion.
  • Alvarez is actually one of the Corax!
  • The Fenrir sure seem to like him a whole bunch.
  • 400 isn't his highest kill count.
  • Alvarez is ingratiating members of the "High" Tribes in the hopes of one day toppling their ages-old alliances and structure to make way for the Shadow Lords to lead.