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Alvaro Lupe- Deceased

Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Alvaro Lupe de Barcelona

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla


Quote: "Errando se aprende a herrar

Current Location: Baltimore, MD

Notable Traits

Alvaro Lupe de Barcelona is a tall man with a modestly lean muscular frame. He is not a young man, his tanned face is slightly weathered and his brown hair is lightly flecked with grey. However, his features are handsome and his brown eyes carry a calm intensity and clear intelligence. Alvaro stands straight and proud, yet not stiffly, and moves with elegance.

Blood bullet.png Calm and cool no matter what the danger.
Blood bullet.png Curly brown hair and brown eyes.
Blood bullet.png Sophisticated and enjoys Spanish opera.
Blood bullet.png Very knowledgeable about the modern world, despite his age.

Time Line

House Tremere

Blood bullet.png Alvaro Lupe de Barcelona was born in Spain on December 2, 1544. Alvaro was the first of seven children, born in a cold dark hovel of a home and loved by his deeply religious parents. He had little access to education, food, or comforts, and grew up as a scrawny filthy child. At the ripe old age of 16 he joined the Spanish military to spare his family the expense of feeding him. Alvaro would continue to send every scrap of profit to his family throughout his career. He was still barely a man, thin and weak with pale olive skin, but surprisingly tall. Military life was very difficult for him. When he was nineteen, he was sent to New Spain (Mexico) and was subsequently assigned to Miguel López de Legazpi in his journey to explore the East Indies. During this time, Alvaro gained strength. His muscles began to build and provide him with a stockier frame, his skin tanned darkly, and his eyes began to carry the weight and intensity of his experiences. Alvaro took his first life during the raid of a Chamorro tribe village, and it was hardly the last. Colony after colony was formed through conquest, failed diplomacies were met with Alvaro’s sword, and while the number of soldiers continued to dwindle, Alvaro Lupe de Barcelona thrived in his new environment and role. With the death of many Spanish soldiers, they were rapidly recruiting native warriors. Alvaro was given command over a small group of native warriors, and they were responsible for scouting through the landscape and determining the weakness of the villages and settlements. Eventually, in June of 1571, Miguel López de Legazpi successfully established a government in Manila.

Blood bullet.png In Spain, the Morisco Revolt had taken a toll upon the government. Alvaro Lupe de Barcelona found himself called back to Barcelona, Spain. The return was disorienting, as he looked upon the familiar streets and faces and saw no flicker of recognition in the eyes of those he knew. The scrawny boy they had known had become an imposing man with tanned skin and eyes that could piece one’s soul. Alvaro was assigned to enforcing the Spanish Inquisition in their tribunal against the Moriscos, often used as a soldier-guard to intimidate the accused with his impressive frame. He spent four years working as a soldier-guard, his large knotted muscles giving way to leaner muscle over the years.

Blood bullet.png 1574 Upon investigating some murders in Barcelona he came across a sabbat haven. He was mortally wounded and ghouled by Rutherford. He spent the next year learning from him and was embraced soon after.

Blood bullet.png 1600 Traveled with Nathaniel to assist Sorin.

Blood bullet.png 1670s Traveled with Maria to fight the Sabbat around Europe.

Blood bullet.png Apprenticing under Rutherford along with Johannes von der Nyssen until 1689. He began apprenticing under Nyssen afterwards in Barcelona.

Blood bullet.png 1800 Rumors of Sabbat weakening in Leon, Velasco's birthplace, reach their ears. Alvaro is paid boons to come with him to help take it back; Sabbat start taking Baltimore

Blood bullet.png 1812 Was a spy for the Tremere during the Romanian Revolution

Blood bullet.png1910-1920 Spends time with Margareta Sasul and assisted her in her duties concerning diplomacy.

Blood bullet.png 1968 Present for the riots in Baltimore.

Blood bullet.png 1990s Educates Darwin on what it means to be Tremere.

Blood bullet.png2003-05 Spend time out west hunting infernalists with Hallary and a coterie. An Elder Brujah named Lochlan out of Atlanta. Serena Montgomery, Nosferatu, Her child Kris, an Assamite named Al Mumit, a neonate gangrel named Austin Rivers, An Elder Gangrel named Kenneth, An Elder Malk named Serafin (Prince of Austin)

Blood bullet.png2015: Returns to Baltimore to take it for the Camarilla.


Blood bullet.png Sire: Nathaniel Rutherford
Blood bullet.png Childe: Caterina Romero & William Neslin
Blood bullet.png Grand Childe: Delmar Beauregard


Blood bullet.png He got kicked out of his last chantry for mouthing off to the Regent.
Blood bullet.png He practices all kinds of blood magic, including Settite and Assamite Sorcery!
Blood bullet.png Add a rumor!


Blood bullet.png "He is coming along nicely, I expect to see him in lofty places in the future." - Margareta Sasul
Blood bullet.png "Your quote here..." - Your name

OOC Information

Looking For Ties

Blood bullet.png Other Loremasters and scholars of all kinds.
Blood bullet.png Other Tremere.

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