Amadeo Durante

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: [mailto: Mickey Sanford]
Character: Amadeo Durante
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Sheriff
Status: 7
Domain: OH-022-D
VST: Franny Mulderig

Amadeo Durante attends Elysium
Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: [mailto: Mickey Sanford]
Storyteller: VST Franny Mulderig

Character Information

Name: Amadeo Durante A/K/A Aquila
Clan: Gangrel

This PC is deceased and is no longer in play as of February 2015

Title or Position: Emeritus Prince of the Sixth City

Status: 7

  • Acknowledged as a Member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed as an Elder
  • Established as an Elder
  • Privileged as an Elder
  • Courteous by Prince Alexander Konrad, Washington, DC
  • Loyal by Ansel Holden of Atlanta, GA
  • Defender by Prince Roane of Atlanta, GA

Notable Traits:



  • The Toreador Primogen of Mt. Pleasant requests to stay with the Gangrel of the city when he visits even though there are Toreador in the city.
  • His name among those of his clan, Aquila, is some manner of message for the Ventrue."
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  • " And, unto the world, I give an Eagle, my Childe, and future of the Tower. Even with his damnable cell gadget." - Torquil
  • " My husband may seem as though he is a Gangrel tamed by time, but I assure you, it was less than a century ago that you would not have wished to cross him in a darkened alley while he hunted for those that would tear down our tower. A truly terrifying sight." - Adalina Marchand Durante
  • " Grace, Style and Viciousness need I say more." - Jeremiah Jackson
  • " Many claim that the Gangrel Clan is made up entirely of savages that have fallen too closely to the animal nature that rages within them and lack the etiquette and skill to survive politically in the tower. To those poor fools I point to my dearest love, Amadeo. A Gangrel with more dedication to the preservation of decorum and the customs of the tower than even some of my own clan display. I almost pity those that would fall on the wrong side of decorum in his presence... Almost." - Adalina Marchand Durante
  • " I am pleased that the Sixth City is finally in the capable hands of one worthy to be called it's Prince." - Adalina Marchand Durante
  • " Capable of training his dog to be a better Camarilla member than some in the pillar clans train their childer. Now that Cleveland is in the hands of a kindred who has worn the crowns of war leader, business magnate, and social conscious that under Amadeo the 6th city will become a shining beacon of stability and order, capable of overcoming any obstacle time provides" - Edward O'Neill
  • "He has never asked us to be anything other than what we are. There is no deeper sign of respect that than." - Isobel O'Neill
  • "I like this Prince, if the residents mess this up, the city will see just what a Toreador is capable of." - Spencer
  • "Prince Durante is an example of the pinnacle of Camarilla excellence. He is an illustration of one who will not compromise the pillars of the Tower in any situation. His actions and inspiring words make him the kind of Kindred I aspire to be. I admire his uncompromising values."- Erica Kain
  • "His Grace is both capable and courageous. It stirs the blood to see him roused in defense of both the Tower and his Domain. The overlap of the two is surely a happy coincidence." - Evelyn Atwood
  • "His majesty is charming, kind, all things a proper gentleman must be...yet he has the heart and hands of a warrior, too. He is never to be underestimated." - Orenna Komnenos
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OOC Information

Player: Mickey Sanford
MES Number: US2002023907
Location: Atlanta, GA