Amaris Ingram

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Amaris Ingram

Name: Amaris Ingram

Clan: Tremere

Social Class: Elder

Status: ●●●●●

City of Residence: Primogen of Miami, FL

Acknowledged Childer: Viktor Cantemir

Known Affiliations: The Glass Pyramid

Description: To be added

The Roll of the Years

  • Before 1151: Unknown
  • 1151 - 1202: Ceoris, Transylvania
  • 1202 - 1650: Arad, Romania
  • 1650 - 1711: European travels
  • 1711 - 1780: Boston, MA
  • 1780 - 1905: American travels
  • 1905 - Present: Miami, FL

Known by the Camarilla:

The Ivory Tower

Amaris first appeared in Kindred society as an emissary from her Clan to the Prince of Arad, Romania, Nicolas von Hagen. Through the centuries she has remained as an attache to that Ventrue House., and accompanied them to North America in the early eighteenth century. As a scholar of obscure occult lore and speaker of numerous dead languages, many have sought out her expertise on such matters. As far as Camarilla politics are concerned, she has kept a relatively low profile, seemingly more focused on her intellectual pursuits.

Acknowledged within the Camarilla
Established and Venerated as an Elder
Revered as a Primogen
Valued by Matthias, Prince of Miami

Known by the Tremere:

House and Clan

Rank: Regent of the Sixth Circle of Mysteries
Lineage: Childe of Celestyn, Librarian-Emeritus of Ceoris
Affiliations: Originally affiliated with the Order of Naturists, in an unexpected turn she was one of the founding members of the Glass Pyramid.
Locus: As one of the first Apprentices in Ceoris, she rose through the ranks quickly until the Massassa War saw her assigned to a role of diplomacy. First promoted to Regent during her time in Romania, she was granted a sabbatical until founding the Miami Chantry in the early 1900s.
Other Notes: She appeared first in Clan records in the late 12th century, noted for oracular abilities.



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  • "A kindred could be so fortunate to have a worthwhile companion for but the span of one mortal life. Amaris has been mine for many such lifetimes and my fortune is boundless for it."Nicolas von Hagen
  • "Amaris is possessed of great wisdom from an indeterminate origin. Her wisdom has been vital to understanding past puzzles, I imagine as the future draws closer, her guidance will be instrumental."Chandra de Soissones
  • "Make your assumptions; you will be wrong. Underestimate her capacity; you will be outmatched. Choose your loyalties; if they are against her... they are also against me."Tamerlane
  • "We did not speak, but we had no need of it. I heard the sounds of distant shores around her, the chorus of many ravens, the still of frozen nights. Her gaze seemed to pass right through me. Words would have left us with incomplete understandings."Ligeia Loxley
  • "She gave me the greatest gift I have ever known, showed me magic, and set me on my path of knowledge. However, I honor her not for those things, but that she found me when I was housed in my darkest thoughts and showed me another way. Now I am truly grateful for her guidance."Viktor Cantemir
  • "I have no doubt, having spent time with Amaris, that she is truly touched by the Norn themselves. Her insight is invaluable, her wisdom beyond question, and her friendship, I would cherish throughout the centuries."Eirik Alexson
  • "Amaris? My sister, why yes she is quite beautiful. But then again many beautiful things are quite deadly, blackwidows, tigers, asps...<grin>."Byron Lancaster
  • "I remember studying under her early in the twentieth century and finding her cool, distant, and disquieting; like a statue whose eyes always follow the watcher. When she joined our cause my astonishment was only matched by my gratitude at having so powerful an elder at our side."Captain Sawyer
  • "My long-standing patron, Amaris can appreciate not only the complexity of structure but the simplicity that something solidly built can bring to all aspects of existence."Vincenza Longhena
  • "Few understand the intricacies regarding the tempering of age, wisdom, innovation, and integrity. I'm fairly sure my grand sire invented the balance. I strive to follow down that path, and stand on the shoulders of giants... metaphorical giants."Elena Hellenbach
  • "Not quite human, strangely ethereal, and ever cryptic. She is the expression of the eternal being."Constance Fournier


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  • Soon after her arrival to Boston in the early 1700s, the city's Tremere Prince abdicated praxis to the childe of her rumored paramour.
  • Her sudden shift from political neutrality within her Clan to the Glass Pyramid was prompted by a prophetic vision.
  • Amaris Ingram is merely an adopted moniker, her original identity being a closely guarded secret.


Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Miami, FL
Player: Stacey M.
Storyteller: Eddie $$

Player: Stacey M.
Domain: FL-040-D
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This character is retired as of March 1st, 2014