Amber Merrick

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Clan: Gangrel
Domain: New York, NY
Alias: Amber Brickley



Player: Kris T.
Member Number: US2015090055
VST: Nate T.




Confirmed by blood
Established as Seneschal of New York City


Loyal by Bridgette Merrick
Favored by Damien Merrick
Courteous by Daniel DeSaul
Victorious by Jasper Stark
Acclaimed by Sebastian Hyde



Apart from her arrival at court working for a Ventrue, not much is known about her. Only recently having joined the meetings at Court she has risen swiftly through the ranks to Seneschal in NYC, wasting no opportunity presented to her.

Proving thus far to be a woman tied firmly to her word and loyal to a fault, she has amassed more allies in her climb than foes, keeping an open hand and ear for any of those that should require her assistance.


A short blonde with piercing blue eyes, Amber seems to both demand your attention and fade from your focus. Despite her friendly demeanor and kind words one cannot shake the sensation of being watched and judged when around her.


Fiery and passionate, maybe a bit too much like her clan, Amber is a loyal ally and fierce fighter. Honing to her Merrick linage and Gangrel tendencies, she has never ignored a call to defend and protect those of the Tower.

Tell Me Who Can You Trust



She has no known enemies, though is observed to take caution when dealing with the Tremere of the NYC courts.

If You Want Blood, You Got It


From Her

About Her

  • "She challenges me even when I want to just be comfortable, protects me even when I'm playing with fire, and understands me even more than anyone else has. She's family, and even if I can never pay her back or live up to her example, I know she'll stand with me forever while I try." - Emma Klein
  • "A delight, darling, an ABSOLUTE delight, and I won't hear otherwise." - Fifi
  • "My childe, I won't say my favorite, but certainly the only female that is still alive. She is my foil, the mirror on which I judge my younger self. If harm comes to her, the fires of hell itself will not stop my vengeance."- Bridgette

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  • It's not a flaw of her own that makes you feel as if everyone is watching, it's because they are.
  • Rumors run that she prevented the untimely end of a neonate that crossed her, one could only begin to speculate as to why.
  • When Bridgette first found her, Amber was illiterate.

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