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Amber Montaghan


Prince's Harpy

Mekhet Priscus

Domain: Phoenix, AZ
Chapter: Phoenix, AZ

Amber Montaghan
Character Information
Clan: Mekhet
Conspiracy: None
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Lissa Oliver
Storyteller: Spider Wingate

Notable Traits

  • Striking Looks 4
  • Presence 4
  • Has four crosses tattooed on the back of her left shoulder. One of them says Meena Bell and missing.
  • Is fond of wearing crosses.
  • Red hair; Green eyes.
  • Has adapted to changing her clothing style depending on the occasion.
  • She seems to be unusually scared of everyone(kindred) around her but this fear does not seem to be debilitating most of the time.

Everyone Knows

Sire: John Doe

  • Amber was Samael's ghoul prior to her embrace.
  • She is lead singer and acoustic guitarist for a punk band called Butane December(Fame 1).
  • Is assisting Veronica in the accounting of Dove.


  • Mekhet Priscus of Phoenix (August 3,2013-Present)

What They Say

  • She's recently embraced and there was some scuffle around her embrace circumstances.
  • John is her charity case.
  • She was gonna be a Daeva, but John held something over her, which is why she got embraced Mehket.
  • She indulges in sin then promptly discards anyone who falls for her.
  • If she hates will never know and by the time you's too late.
  • Her angelic voice can sooth any wound of the soul just as easily as it can cause gashes or rip it away.
  • She can dance with a phenomenal grace that is near impossible to look away from.
  • Amber is always surrounded by loyal and obfuscated Mekhet who are ready to strike.
  • Amber has an Elder yearning and wanting after her, who knows what he will to to gain the power she has for himself.

Family- Chosen

  • "Family is not determined by genetic markers. I choose who I call my family." -Amber

John- "He gave me everything I wanted and so much more. Whatever he wants from me I will gladly give."

Meena Bell- "She is happier kindred than she was human and I'm glad for her but I dare anyone to make me feel like I'm going to loose her again."

Thurston True- "There was a time, I wanted to run from Thurston but that time past and was replaced by fond memories. Yes, he is very capable of getting on my last nerve but he is also generous and I believe he genuinely cares about his city."

Samael- "I constantly have to resist the urge to rip his throat out...but I'm not sure if I hate him anymore."

Xia Webb- Understanding my relationship to Xia helps me understand that it was probably inevitable that I was embraced as well. I am glad I did not have mortal children...our genetics are cursed.


  • "Touch her and I'll end you...and I'll make sure you never see it coming..." - John
  • "Two things: One keep an eye on her, two...I've got her back." Samael
  • "Lyrics will have to suffice: Hey kid/I have to question/ What's with the violent aggression?/ Details blurry, lost 'em too early./ Welcome to the family./ Hey!/ Why won't you listen?/ Can't help the people you're missin'/ It's been done, a casualty re-run/ Welcome to the family." - Thurston True
  • "She has potential. Miss Montaghan is truly a diamond in the rough and will be a thing of beauty in the hands of the appropriate jeweler." - Lief Ragnarsen
  • "I like her. She is a good child. Not enough parents have good children." - Tarika Lowe
  • "I remember when she was still breathing and putting the fear of God in her. Now she is one of us, but she still remembers those words and that makes her a member of this Domain that I can respect." - Richard Turcotte
  • "I know when I've lost...." throws up her hands playfully while Amber is talking to Dominic
  • "A rockstar Mekhet? Well fuck me. Didn't see that coming. But I did see her coming. Because unlike the rest of her clan she doesn't play the 'startled the violent and cranky nosferatu' game. When I get tired enough of that fucking game and rip faces off, she gets to keep hers." - Grasshopper
  • "She'll be the death of me, but she does manage to bring a smile to my face on occasion." - Veronica Nelson
  • "The only person to ever make me break my vow. She got what she wanted, but so did I." - Father Engel
  • "I don't know shit about shit. If I knew why you did things I'd be you and that thought scares me." - to Father Engel before leaving Hamilton
  • "My cousin. Don't hurt her, you may not like what happens if you try to." - Alexandria Webb's warning to anyone that would try.

People I Enjoy

Grigore Matei Constantin- "I love this guy! He's so chill and full of information!"

Veronica "... ... ...really? First Meena and now you? ...fuck!"

Q- "Sometimes the most unlikely people can make the most amazing sounds. Q and I have had some amazing conversations about music and life."

Other People

Dove "Creepy is something I can handle, even bitchy is something I can handle... but being intentionally annoying and stupid is not on the list of things I handle well. After speaking with Veronica I feel the need to take her out and help her find a way to appreciate her existence."

Allfather Sigmund " tall and pretty. ...what the hell do you even do with it?"

Father Engel *Shivers*

Personal Yet Public

  • "I am to the point in my life where my head has started to spin and I feel as if I am going to release fountains of pea soup. The weight of all the responsibility that has been added to my already over crowded plate is beginning to crush me. I am the lead singer of a band and that is my passion and fire but beyond that: I am a waitress, a big sister, a best friend, a dedicated volunteer, The Mekhet Priscus, and The Prince's Harpy."
  • "I try to be a good person but it does not always work that way. My mortal past was a mess and it caused me to callous in some places that make being nice beyond difficult. I have pushed so many people away from me, I have hurt so many kind hearts... ... ... I want to take the words "I love you" and shove it right back down their throats and believe me the passion behind that desire is grand. Sure, I have always regretted hurting people in this way but there is one person that I wish I could turn back time for..."
  • "Everyone I love and care for seems to be finding ways to die young and half of them have turned Kindred. I'm so sorry..."
  • "I might be one of the baby monsters in this city but I'm growing up fast."
  • "Everyone I love and care for seems to be finding ways to die young and half of them have turned Kindred. I'm so sorry..."
  • "...I did not see that coming. I was released just under seven days and WAM! they made me Priscus. Why?"
  • "Hmmm "I'm infected by your genetics"... that's about sums up how I feel right now."

OOC Information

Player: Lissa Oliver

MES #: US2012110030

Location: Phoenix, Arizona (AZ-010-D/AZ-020-C)

Player Email:

Drawings of Amber

By: Katelyn Mulholland


MES Number: US2013050183

Location: AZ-010-D; Dead Man's Hand