Ambrose Crom Cruach

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Changeling PC

Player: Michael Bryan
Character: Ambrose "Crom Cenn" Cruach
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Charlotte NC
DST: Tony Lone Fight

Ambrose "Crom" Cruach

Character Information

Name: Ambrose "Crom Cenn" Cruach
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Entitlement: Lost Pantheon
Court: Autumn

Notable Traits: Striking Looks (4)
Enchanting Performance
Gentrified Bearing
Autumn Mantle (4)
Siren Song
Autumn Monarch
Wyrd 7

Title or Position: Autumn Monarch of Charlotte

Motley Allies Apprentices Associates Enemies Worshipers
Mr. Draco John Vimes Ash Martin
Raijin Sahara - Deceased Mike Cross Frank Doyle Jr.
Jack Kaos Cheryl Taylor
Becca DJ Radix
Asma Elise


  • He has a thing for a young singer gal just because she is... different. The feelings aren't returned. Probably.
  • Hates St. Patrick with a passion and any time you bring him up he starts acting weird and recalling stories of how much of a bastard he was.
  • Has a fetish about fetch parts. The actual eyeballs, toes, and other body parts.
  • His best friend is a squirrel.
    • Actually, it's some other kind of supernatural pretending to be a squirrel, trying to drive him insane.
      • Well it does wear a cape...


  • "Ambrose is a good man for security and is polite" ~ Ash
  • "It's not often I run into others with such a sense of survival to amass the same strength of Wyrd I have. Most of our kind get themselves killed, or recaptured long before that point in time. A certain measure of respect is owed to a man like that." ~Mr. Draco
  • "It's hard to pay attention to much else when Ambrose is around. He's a handsome guy, but a little too handsome?" ~DJ Radix
  • "Disconcerting." ~John Vimes
  • " I don't trust Ambrose any further than I can throw him. Well, actually, I can throw him pretty far I think. I trust him less than that, no offense Ambrose." ~Sahara
  • "...What? No! Why?!" ~Cheryl Taylor
  • "A mystery wrapped in an enigma decked in the finest duds pulled off the richest corpse in the swankiest cemetery." ~Frank Doyle Jr.
  • "Ambrose is like Lord of the Rings Galadriel levels of scary" ~Kaos
  • "No, you will mean it, so help me if you don't I will hunt you down and slay you myself, I will drink the blood as it drips from your body and use you as an example to all whom would dare oppose me. NOW SWEAR IT."
  • "I have never met this man in my life." ~Ammon Lu
  • "In the name of the Ambrose, the Elise, and the holy son." ~Ammon Lu
  • "Ambrose is sweet and compassionate, all he wants to do is help people. He's the father of my child and my most trusted friend. I'll never understand all the rumors and slander that people spread about him." ~Elise Fairview
  • "Oh! You will know Ambrose the god when you see him, he kinda looks like a Mrs. Butterworth bottle, but as a man...with a bunch of christmas lights shoved in it. Cant miss him" ~ Nina Weir
  • "A veritable font of knowledge about the Hedge and the creatures that inhabit it. I look forward to visiting his halls to see what I can glean from them again, hopefully soon." ~ Evelyn St. Claire
  • "Fucking weirdo mad scientist. Doesn't mean I'm not grateful he helped get me back from Arcadia, but he pisses me the hell off." ~ Aleksandra Jordisson

OOC Information

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Player: Michael Bryan

Member Number: US2005043255

Location: Charlotte, NC