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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Mary Dubuisson
Storyteller: [1]

Name: Amelia Thorne

Clan: Toreador

Generation: 11th

Position in the Court: Whip of Clan Toreador

Clan Postion: Guildmaster of The Forge

Notable Traits: She always wears skirts and dresses, only dressing in pants when she is working on her art. She is a true southern lady and is quite polite.


  • Acknowledged by the prince of Puerto Rico, Prince of the MS Gulf Coast, and Prince of Atlanta
  • Favored by Elder Dorian Burroughs
  • Courteous by Prince Carto
  • Honorable by Prince Carto
  • Courteous by Angelique Graves

Coteries/Societies: None Known

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • She is originally from Savannah, GA.
  • She is the childe of Dorian Burroughs.
  • Her art is weaponsmithing, and her current specialty is guns.
  • She has a love for weapon collections and wishes to study them when she can find them.
  • She attended the battle for Chicago, and went missing during it. She was presumed dead, but has recently shown back up.
  • Whip of Clan Toreador for Atlanta


  • 1887 - Born to a middle class family in an area in Georgia.
  • 1912 - Ghouled to Dorian Burroughs to ensure he had a steady supply of guns for his mob.
  • 1955 - Embraced after making her first master craft gun, a colt peacemaker.
  • 1971 - Released from Accounting.
  • 1985 - Leaves to find herself and inspiration for her art, which has become somewhat stagnant. Hops around and travels a bit. Leaves on good terms with Dorian and goes to visit him from time to time.
  • 1990 - Settles in Lansing, Michigan.
  • 2000-present - She has worked off and on with various other members of her family and others on different projects.
  • 2014 - Battle for Chicago - She went, she fought, and she fell into torpor. She was presumed dead, but has managed to somehow reappear.
  • 2015 - Settles in Gulfport, MS.
  • April, 2015 - Takes over as guildmaster of The Forge after previous guildmaster, James Thorne meets final death.
  • August, 2015 - Moves to Atlanta on a permanent basis.
  • December, 2015 - Becomes Whip for Clan Toreador.

(If you would like to make ties with me and help fill in this timeline, that would be awesome. :D)


  • I thought she died during the Battle of Chicago? Is that REALLY her?
  • She seems to be scared of the color yellow... Thats... new.
  • She can't remember anything from before six months ago.
  • She has a lost love looking for her.
  • She's scary fast, even for a Toreador.
  • There's a 5 year waiting list to get one of her weapons.
  • She has an Assamite lover who follows her in the shadows like a dark, guardian angel.
  • She spends more time in Savannah than at home.
  • Feel free to add your own!


  • "Amelia is an enigma, she is the equation for ammunition, the bite of a bullet against your flesh, and the heavy weight of power in a genteel package, even Chicago couldn't change that."- Hestia
  • "Don't you DARE threaten or mess with Amelia. I will ensure that she crafts the gun that I aim at your genitalia." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "I must say, her sires tastes are impeccable, I don't believe I've seen a woman wear a towel so well." - Feodor Krasny
  • "Another peach for my Dorian. The perfect combination of Thorne and Rose." ~ Lilly Belle Stafford Thorne
  • "Amelia? She's the kind of gal that can answer the door wearing only a confused look and a hotel bathrobe, but still manage to look both sexy and dangerous." ~ Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "I cannot recall a finer student. I look forward to seeing if she remembered all her lessons." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "I once asked Cousin Amelia to run away with me to Barbados where we'd live off of my trust fund and seduce native...what are they, Barbadoans? Then I saw where her art really lies, in weaponry of all designs, and I realized that to take her out of America would be a crime and I would be forced to admire her from afar...out of range that is." - Ewan Sterling
  • "An enticing siren's song, lure you in to make you crash and fall apart. The beautiful madame is and will do just that." - Leona Theron
  • "Another of my wonderful childer, she has just found her wings... and now climbs to heights that make a sire proud." - Dorian Burroughs
  • "In difficult times, she among the many I find to be one of the rare competent... She may indeed prosper." - Nathaniel Lament Hell
  • "Flowers pale and wilt, they loose their luster, their fragrance. Lovely Thorn is not such a rose, she feels, she needs, and she has my good faith, may eternity sustain her luster." - Icarus
  • "A kindred of incredible skill and impeccable taste. There is something to be said for an artist when the form and function of their art is both functional and fascinating." - Greyson Lovecraft

Friends and Allies

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House of Thorne

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OOC Information

Name: Mary Dubuisson

MES Number: US2013040019

Location: Biloxi, MS

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