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Character Information

Some say Amitiel was a templar in the crusades who fell in battle and was embraced due to his unwavering faith. Others say he's an archaeologist from the victorian era who became obsessed with angels and, somehow, found one. Regardless of his conflicting origin stories, everyone agrees that whoever he was before he was embraced is gone and Amitiel, the holy warrior, is all that is left.

They say he brings down a holy vengeance on the Infernal as he leads his pack, The Host, into battle.



Amitiel stands 6 ft tall and is always seen wearing clothing with a hood, covering his head. He tends to stand very still and speak very little. Recently, he's taken to wearing a sabbat styled rosary around his neck.

Information Known to the Sword

Amitiel was among the first of the Salubri to flock to the Sabbat upon their re-appearance.

He is ductus of The Host.


The Host

OOC Information

Player: Travis Abston


MES Number: US2002022340

Location: Austin, TX

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