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  • "And the angel spoke 'No penséis que he venido a traer paz a la tierra . No he venido a traer paz , sino espada .' and the sheep of the land knew that the creature would watch over them, as a shepherd does the flock"- Storm
  • "I am completely lost as to how no one fucking told him about the wings. Oh, and he scares me, in a good visceral horror movie sort of way." - Jude
  • "My brother. After so many years of being apart, it is good to finally be hunting together again. We will make the world shake and weep." - Alexander Hawk
  • "First, a meeting. Then, a conversation. Swept up in the arms of who would become my packmate, it was right. Vicious, cunning, and much more. Scary? Not at all. To see him work his "magic," it's a thing of beauty." - Deuces Wilde
  • "This one is speaking plain. What you are seeing is what you are getting. And what you are getting is probably world of pain." - Yegor Ivchenko
  • "He has started calling me Israfel. As far as names go, I like it. Much better than 'pet'. You should ask him what it means." - Jude
  • "That guy ? Yeah he stood by my side during my Monomancy, he also didn't hold back on me when I needed to step up my game and be the beast I am even after I was defeated. All in all the fury that this warrior beholds grants a level of wisdom that is equally unmatched." Earl
  • "He gave me a name when mine was taken. Fuck with him and you will get fucked in return.." Umyrk
  • "I lost my name twice. The first time it was ripped from me. The second was raped. He gave me my new name and only True Death will separate me from it or my pack again!" - Raziel
  • "Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple--Amitiel bears twice a man's burden." - Cardinal Lennox
  • "I think he does not care for my Ductus. I wonder what the calculating, weighing fire in this Angel's eyes found wanting in him. What does he find wanting in us all?" - Ekko
  • "No matter how far I am from you angelum meum, I am with you and you are on my mind." Quinn Morris
  • "He's another example of what I should strive to be. I hope I can be strong in the way he is." Mishka
  • "I have been knowing this one for long time. Is strong and smart. Is proud to call Brother." Zoran Gavranovic
  • "He saw what others only suspected and took first action to stop it. Without that, the demon would have done further damage. He is brave, and I hope to fight along side him again in the future." - Nihil
  • "(Hebrew)Let no evil come to this heart. Let no trouble come to these hands. Let no conflict come to these eyes. Let this soul be filled with the blessing of our Dark Father. Bravery and duty define this Warrior. He is as much a leader as when I first met him and I am honored to know him." - Ambriel
  • "Where do I begin...My friend, my ductus, my brother, my leader, my obstacle, my sire...Amitiel...I probably won't understand why you did everything that you did...and maybe I'll never have to...but from the moment I wandered into Austin...chasing the Storm again, like I always did, I knew something brought us back together...maybe it was you again, leading me, maybe it was Za'Apheal seeking his cleansed me of my sins, you brought me back from the brink of destruction, you gave me a home, and a family...I can't ever thank you enough for that...I can never do enough for that...I can only keep working down the path you put me on, and hope that it's the right one. You are more to those around you then I think you know...and you will continue to lead us, even when you do so quietly. Caine be with you Father. Caine guide you and bless you and keep you. And for every moment you feel the hand of the Dark Father on one shoulder...know that I'll be on the other one. Always. The Host Prevails."- Storm