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  • Amitiel had suspicions about Scriv but didn't say anything. I wonder why?
  • Amitiel had no idea about the Baali in Austin so that makes him the worst Salubri ever!
  • No. That's not right! Amitiel knew about the Baali and orchestrated its fall making him the BEST Salubri Ever!
  • He recently killed 6 of his own. Why?
  • He formed the Host, not because of divine duty, out of a sense of shame due to his former ductus being outed as Infernal.
  • He fell in love once. It caused the London fires of 1666.
  • He killed a Demon during the July gathering in Missouri. Many saw him slay the thing with a flaming sword. Yet, He doesn't boast about the accomplishment. In fact, he doesn't talk about it at all.