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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Dallas, TX
Player: Jennifer D
Storyteller: Dallas VST

Ammarah, the Maker

"In the desert a fountain is springing,
In the wide waste there still is a tree,
And a bird in the solitude singing,
Which speaks to my spirit of thee." -- Lord Byron

Character Information

The Basics
Name: Ammarah, the Maker
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla

Ammarah and Marus at Dr. Crowe's Asylum

Accepted (Camarilla) - Acknowledged
Social Class (Elder) - Confirmed, Established, and Privileged
Fleeting -

  • Courageous (Who: Prince Marcellius Adams; Where: Dallas, TX; How & Why: Assisting the Praxis of Dallas in defeating remnants of the Sabbat)
  • Favored (Who: Elder Wernerus von Marienburg; Where: Houston, TX; How & Why: Favor given for restoring the Primogen seat of Clan Ventrue in her city)
  • Loyal (Who: Archon Steiner; Where: Tulsa, OK; How & Why: Assisting the Archon in his sworn duties)

Notable Traits:
Wears a niqāb and abaya. Speaks with a strange accent.

Title or Position:
Prince emeritus of Houston, TX


Ammarah's Public Timeline
Ties are available previous to 1714. This timeline is considered to be OOC knowledge unless otherwise discovered IC.


  • Ammarah is obviously an Assamite pretending to be a Nosferatu.
  • She has been referred to as "the pure one".
  • Need a good smuggler? Just name your cargo...
  • It's been said that Ammarah was once a freedom fighter.
  • Some of her best friends are not affiliated with the Camarilla.
  • If anyone knows where that old artifact ended up, Ammarah probably does.
  • Some call her a thief, but those wiser know she's actually a treasure hunter.
  • Ammarah is not a woman at all. Nosferatu have... talents, you know?
  • She dresses like she does, to hide more than just her appearance.
  • Are her eyes really white?
  • There's nothing more she'd love, than to watch the world burn.
  • She's been seen doing an awful lot of research about something!

Quotes from Ammarah

  • "Come with me, I can help you."
  • "Look closer and you will see the truth."
  • "Nothing lasts forever, but we do the best with what we currently have."
  • "There are two sides to every story, and neither of them are true."

Quotes from Others

  • "I have aided Ammarah many times throughout our history together, and she is always in the middle of the worst of things, trying to bring light to the darkness. When she is steady, I will stand by her side. When she is tired, I will carry her. When she can fight no more, I will fight for her." -- Marus
  • "Ammarah is my reason. She teaches me the ways of the civilized world after my mind has grown dark and all that is left are the forests and the mountains of my youth. She brings me back when I am far away. If not for her words I would be long gone into the wilderness." -- Mazhar
  • "My sister has been there for me... even when our sire was not. There was a time, when I had grown dark and my beast had all but won. She reminded me what it is to be a Childe of Okulos, and an elder of the Camarilla. If I am the Rabbit of the hunt, then she is the reason for my survival." -- Franc
  • "There is a hidden power behind her garb. Those eyes. They bear the weight of years and the wisdom of the ages. Her voice is a sirens song that soothes this warriors heart. She is my family and my blood... and I will never tire of hurting the poor soul who comes for her." -- Citadel
  • "Just in the introduction, I wanted to learn more about her. Learn more from her. I'm sure that, even with eternity, I wouldn't learn everything there is." -- Mason Dempsey
  • "ا المفاتيح التي لا تفتح الأبواب هي المفاتيح التي تغلق الأبواب والمفاتيح المشنوقة في السلاسل لا تملك إلا دراما الرنين لكن المفتاح الذي يموت في جيبي يذكرني بأنه قد آن الوقت لكي أكون إمرأة عاقلة ، تسكن بيتا بلا مفاتيح . . . . بلا أبواب" -- Donovan Dunsirn
  • "She represents, through her quiet demeanor, the wisdom of the ages." -- Clémence deMontes
  • "So many seek her, be still and wait. If she wishes to speak to you, she will do so. When she does, heed her words. Wisdom has a price." -- Valerius Giovanni
  • "Her words carry wisdom, and her ears truly listen." -- Dillon ap Porth
  • "Want to be impressed? Take your general assumptions and hearsay along with you when you go to talk to her for the first time. I like Tamberland just fine, but Houston has a gem, here." -- Evan Lazarus
  • "Over half a century of knowing Ammarah makes me truly blessed, and yet, I know there is more still for me to discover in her words and laughter." - Darjius Anakletos
  • "Prince Ammarah is just is comfortable walking around mingling as she is handing out orders. That's the sign of some one who knows their shit better than any one else. I'm glad I choose to come here under her reign." - Auggie Giovanni
  • "I greatly respect Ammarah's council, as the years have made her cautious and observant of the ebbs and flows of our society. I admire Ammarah because she shows me wisdom does not come at the cost of humour and mirth." - Claire

  • "Never have I been touched by a gentler hand nor seen such wisdom and beauty in another's eyes." -- Angelo
  • "Heed the words of Ammarah, the Wisdom of the Makers, for from them shall cities be raised or razed." -- John Ketwick
  • "Her words are quiet, but her presence contains such power." -- Speranza
  • "I need more time with her -- I think she gets the point; but if she does, why is she still a Cammie?" -- Flynn
  • "Those eyes are like a bottomless whirlpool; endless in their wisdom." -- Achilles Hellgate
  • "She is Grace and Strength; Beauty in Motion; and speaks with the Wisdom of the Ages. I really can't wait for her to snap out of it! Contemporary times call Contemporary measures, after all. And yes, I have a total 'Girl Crush' on her..or you know, 'Crush'. I want to be her when I grow up!" -- Nenette
  • "She makes me want to be a better Toreador; that I had the honeyed-words and the poet's soul to author a description worthy of her refined grace." -- Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "Do not let her soft voice or demeanor fool you. Behind those dark pools that serve as her eyes is one of the sharpest minds connected to one of the sharpest tongues you will ever meet." -- Alex Shelly
  • "Her eyes are so haunting and hold infinite wisdom." -- Candice Caine
  • "My first visit to Houston was highlighted by our conversation. Ammarah is a charming and engaging presence. Houston chose wisely." -- Tamberland
  • "If the least that I learnt from her was how to dress, that was worth my time, but there was so much more too." -- Penny Dreadful
  • "Others speak of her eyes and her wisdom. Her hand on my hand. Her voice in my ear. These are the tools that have swayed my heart. She is the name by which I shall move mountains." -- The Broken
  • "She is a master architect, without equal perhaps except for Vincenza Longhena. Both worked on the Warrens of Cape Cod, but it was Amarrah who had the vision, the sense and direction to make colonial stone and dirt into what they would become. Have you seen the Sanctuary? It is a Pièce de résistance! Every Kindred on this continent who has not visited should seek their local Harpy to place a Vulgar standing upon their philistine brow." -- Goodman Goring
  • "Our policy has always been direct communication. In a society that believes everything a lie, we hide our most cherished exchanges in plain sight out in the open for all to see. And because 'It can't be that easy' all is ignored. I will always cherish her for teaching me that particular stratagem." -- Dylan R Lancaster
  • "She's one mystery even I know better than to go shifting the curtains of; the warning is written in her eyes. I could live my nights never being the subject of her ire and it would be a life well lived." - Lexi von Jaeger


Member of

The Makers
Society of Steel

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer D.

MES Number: US2013040182