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Name he found on the side of the hedge: Ammon Lu

Alias: The Ace of Knaves

Date of birth: Unknown

Birthday: Feb 31

Court: Moon

Entitlement: The Office of the Vizieral Counsel

Information Known by Lost Society

Appearance & Notable Traits

  • Lu came into the scene out of somewhere a few months ago. He has long dirty blonde hair and is missing an eye which he covers with using various objects he has found in the hedge. He has a fondness for spoons.
  • Fighting Style: Ammon employs the Capoeira fighting style which combines dance, acrobatics, and music.


Mein is blurry at all times.


That is no Moon

Ammon's hollow is a large moon that sets in the sky with a grin and blood shot eyes.


Witty Talkative Sidekick

Ammon first saw Clarity in the goblin market. Her first words to him were "I'm judging you." Since then it has been a non stop roller coaster of action and adventure between the two. She handles his emails.


Quotes from Ammon

  • Feel free to add
  • "Just think of the fear it'll strike. Sun Poo the Goblin war master once said, Fear me for my face is on your asses."
  • "Where do you think you are?"
  • "Moo motherfucker, moooo!"
  • "You are ether the greatest manipulative woman I've ever met or you are the most tortured of souls."
  • "I can see the gears of the universe. I can come back to life. I can travel worlds. I bleed, sure. But eventually I'll fix that too.

Quotes from others referring to Ammon

  • "I...uh...what the fuck?" John Vimes
  • "Pretty sure he left the fridge open last night." Ammon Lu
  • "Ammon is one of my best friends, I've been helping him understand humans and act more normally... Trust me, he was so much worse when I met him. Let that sink in." Elise
  • "Patient-doctor confidentiality prevents me from talking about 90% of the things I know about Ammon, the other 10% I don't completely understanding yet. Regardless, he's Awesome." - Bill
  • "I think there is more to Ammon that I don't see... He is quite entertaining. But I am sure his fondness for spoons will get him in trouble someday." - SantaAna
  • "He is the best person I could have ever wished to meet. He has a lot of work to do but each day he is with me, the better he gets. I couldn't ask for a better roommate and friend. - Amy Rose
  • "Ammon is a good guy. For all the crazy his heart is in the right place. And you gotta ask him about the book." - Blitz
  • "I am at least 5% sure he isn't a complete maniac... Good at checkers, though." - Martin Weir
  • "He kept trying to make me hold a baby. There is something fucked up about him..." -Cordelia Cane
  • "I'm not sure that our definitions of 'helping' really align, but he seems to be a good person despite his eccentricities." - *Kage*
  • "So they say the Moon court are depraved, well Ammon most certainly is but I think he is getting better? Just don't ask him about his cows." - Jack Daniels
  • "..." - Dreyfus Mulligan
  • "Ammon has proved himself to be a loyal and loving friend. Even if I do not understand most of what he says." - Cass aka Jesse Quinn
  • "Surprisingly, he's not just crazy. He's definitely fucking insane, but he's somehow more than just that... It's hard to explain." - Cordelia Cane
  • "He rescued some children from Austin, but I've been assured that they are in good hands. I can only hope that I'm not wrong for not rescuing them right back again..." - Aria Zennor


  • 'Feel free to add"
  • 'Is a banished"
  • 'This Wiki was made by Clarity."
  • 'Was the inspiration for the villain, Alpha, from Dollhouse."
  • 'Hangs with the cast of Serenity ever fifth Thursday."
  • 'The true purpose behind why Bill and Ammon are in a motley together is because, Bill wants to help Ammon regain his sanity, and Ammon wants to drive Bill insane."
  • 'He talked to a stop sign for 66 minutes before realizing it wasn't the dominate species of this planet."
  • 'Has been following around babies to steal their color changing rubber tipped spoon."
  • 'His keeper let him go as part of a bet that Ammon couldn't make the real world as strange as Arcadia."
  • 'Has recently lost his ability to tastes sweets. This has made his dream of owning a chocolate factory less likely."
  • 'Really is tone deaf. He cant carry a tune to save his life."
  • 'Was born in Arcadia."
  • 'Inspired the hit show, Attack on Titan, after venturing into a candy store in Japan."
  • 'Inspired the character Trunks from Dragonball Z...something about time travel and his mom hitting on him...weird huh?"
  • 'Feels like he is in space race with someone to the moon. He can't explain the feeling though."
  • He is actually a robot, pretending to be a person, who has programmed another robot to pretend to be a robot pretending to be him
  • 'He one time put on Disco and just watch it all burn...who does that?"


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