Amon Eckhart

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Requiem PC

Player: Ryan Sannes
Character: Enter Info
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Carthians
Position: Enter Info
Status: 1
Domain: Nova Albion
VST: William Smith



Notable Traits:

Eckhart is very cold and has a very dark sense of humour, upon examination he adorns a combat jacket with hood and German flag insignia on both right and left shoulders. Eckhart has a faint smell of dirt and soil on his clothing, a tell tail sign of time spent in the wilderness, is he hiding? if he is, who or what is he hiding from?

Known Childer: Kale Berrge


Rumour has it that Amon embraced a nosferatu ghoul.

"Y'know he'll lie about his past in order to fit in with the domestic rable right?" - some deava from the interior of BC

"Gawd, he's a fuckin Nazi!!" - unknown kindred

"Childe of Daughter" - some Gangrel in passing when they heard Amon's name.

Quotes about Amon

  • "Can't be trusted. A racist schmuck that doesn't deserve the title of Ancilla. What kind of Ancilla purposely goes into frenzy when surrounded by the Police? Rumour be damned, he embraced my ghoul Kale just to hurt me. Got zol im bentshn mit dray mentshn: eyner zol im haltn, der tsveyter zol im shpaltn un der driter zol im ba’haltn." - Oma Herald to the Prince of Vancouver, BC

A Brief History (this is out of character knowledge unless otherwise known)


1941 * Eckhart flees his homeland in order to escape persecution, the depression and find greener pastures in North America.

1943 * Eckhart lived as a recluse in the wilderness of Prince George.

1943 * While on her travels, Eckharts sire puts him to work looking after and guarding the vast wilderness surrounding Prince George.

1980 * Eckhart embraces a blue collar union worker from the interior.

1993 * Hunter cells purge the town and run amok through Prince George.

1993 * After the purges cease, Eckhart is made Sheriff of the city.

2003 * Leaves Prince George with a coterie of Carthians leaving for the domain of Vancouver.

2005 * Establishes connections with an underground nationalist organization referring to themselves as 'Canada First'.


  • Lineage

'Sire' Shalegh - Not much is known about her but she is a native to the land she roams, she claims domain within the deep wooded forests that surround Prince George, She travels far and wide to unknown locations but when she returns to Prince George, Shalegh AKA Shelly reclaims her territory.

Nathaniel Lowe is Shalegh's second childe.

John Castile is Shalegh's third childe.


  • Allies

'Yorick Mandrake' - a traveling merchant who traffics practically anything you want.

'Galen Icarus' - They seem to have a friendly relationship and have met to chat off and on for the last 10 years, Galen is a Nosferatu who haunts the Pigeon Park area in downtown Vancouver.



‘The Deadliest War’ Author: Mark Thomas

OOC Information:

Ryan Sannes CA2011020103


  • Interested in finding ties from Europe and Canada, including but not limited to war buddies, enemies, political like minded kindred.
  • Looking for ties to white nationalist organizations