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Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.


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  • Name: Valentine Amor Rampage
  • Formerly known as: Victor Valentine, Valentine, Amor
  • Position: Prince of San Diego
  • Clan: Daeva
  • Bloodline: Zelani
  • Covenant: Carthian
  • Sire: Lorna Zelan
  • Childer: Too many to count
  • Apparent Age: 20
  • Associations: The Lizard King's Firm
  • Status:
    • Covenant: Carthian ••••*
    • Clan: Daeva •••
    • City: San Diego •••••

Common Knowledge

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Valentine Amor Rampage

Originally Victor Valentine, was born in 1850 and embraced in 1870 as the first childe of Lorna Zelan, the founder of the Zelani bloodline. In the 1800's Valentine establish a Bandit Gang of cowboys in Southern California, as well as 2 Racks (Disguised as Brothels)in what would one day be knows as part of the Los Angeles Domain. Over time he would establish several more Racks through out Southern California. As time progresses his Brothels turned in to modern day Clubs.

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In the 1920's Valentine started to form a criminal empire. It was around this time Valentine began to become more involved in Kindred politics, becoming the Priscus for the Deava in Los Angeles.


By the 1950's his organisation of mortal criminals began to take on the life style of the biker culture.

Around the 1960's Valentine helped form one of the first Vampire Motorcycle Clubs by becaming the First Daeva of the Son of Carthage.

Around the turn of the century "2000" Valentine meet several Kindred that would become some of his closest friends,among them Claudius Rook, Michal Anderson, Michaela Anderson, The Lizard King, Cadence Rampage (All friends that would one night form the cotery known as The Firm.). It would all so be around the time that Valentine would experience his first emotions of lust and love. He began having feelings for 2 Invites females one from his home domain in Los Angeles (Who in time would become Viceroy Rowen Regne Daughter) & the other from San Diego. It seems that this was the season of meting new friends as Valentine all so made a close friend in a match maker named Amor, for the next 10 years Amor attempted to help Valentine win the love of one of this First Estate weman. In 2010 The Prince of San Diego Rolend would declare all other domains surrounding his own a wasteland filled with vermin. In turn Valentine convinced his friend Amor to contest Roland Praxis of San Diego, the war would continue until 2013 when Valentine friend Amor was killed by Prince Roland of San Diego.

From 2012 - mid 2013 Valentine helped the Son of Carthage as well as the Moment grow exponentially by recruiting several members into both covenant & cotery. He all so helped Gide his blood line lineage both by embracing more in to it as well as traveling the United States in hope to unite his family. Through out the years he traveled the United States uniting both his family & covenant, wail spreading the reputation of his MC. As the end of 2013 approach Valentine created his own cheaper of the Son of Carthage in San Diego & Riverside, he became the president of the Border Chapter for S.O.C MC. Valentine would all so become a Citizen of San Diego taking the position of Herold, he would all so bigin working on the Parliament structure for the Carthian Movement, & become the first speaker for his blood line. By the end of this year Valentine was responsible for the deaths of 2 Invites members & torpering of a third.

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In 2014 Valentine would leave the Sons of Carthage and become a member of the Lizard King's cotery The Firm. Valentine would met the only other known Vampire MC The Phantom Hounds. He would all so become known for trying to establish peace between the Carthians & the Invites with in the south west. The Carthians of South West region finalized the parliament structure & implemented it in to their regional structure. Valentine would with the help of Cadence Rampage get a member of the Moment nationally kick out of the Carthians, witch would lead to the first regionally ran trial tribunal, witch lead to Castro's permanent torper. 2014 the Parliament Structure was in use by the South West Carthians, & Valentine was the Prince of San Diego California. It also brought the death of Several members of the Sons of Carthage, it is rumored that Valentine's influence their deaths as revenge for past transgressions. In time the remainder of the Son of Carthage could not hold their MC together, & it devolved.

By the end of 2014 All clans & covenants began to form national structures, Valentine offered The South West Parliament Carthian Structure. After modifications it was implement. (It was notified 6 months later do to lack of participation by Carthians nationally).

In a natural gathering in Nashville, Valentine changed his name to Amor (In memory of his friend Amor who died in 2013) at the "request" of Valentine Gold to protect his brothers in the Carthian Movement, for which he has been praised. Amor was Admired (Carthian Status 5) for this & his contrabutions to the Carthian Moment. How ever most Carthians refused to call him Amor, & continued to call him Valentine. After watching Amors trials and tribulations the Cron adapted him in to the Cronos. Amor began following the Nors Pantheon.

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By the end of 2014 Valentine got married to Cadence Rampage & took her last name. A kindred by the Name Rupert Thorne attempt to cause a ware between the Carthians & the Ordo Dracul, wail Valentine saved Rupert Thorne's life from getting killed by the Ordo, Valentine all so put him in a Regional Trial tribunal, where Rupert Thorne was prosecuted to remain in torpor.

2015 Amor tried to turn the San Diego Domain in to a Parliament, in 3 months the domain ask for leadership. In time Invictus members started to arrive looking for citizenship. Amor suspected that they were after his Praxis but had no proof. In time he knew that they would make a move, but he was unwilling to make the first move against the First Estate. As time past Amor received news of a ritual in Virgina being promoted by every covenant & clan to get rid of the supernatural law of Cadence, his wife Cadence offered her self as tribute. The ritual worked but released the spirits known as strix on to the world. Amor began research on how to imprison them once more. He New his attention could not be split between his Praxis & the Stix research. Amor named ARG aka Michael Anderson as Prince an individual that would be willing to make the first move against the first estate.

As the end of 2015 approached the Lizard King disappear, & with his disappearance the cotery known as the Firm just remained friends.

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The Phantom Hounds ask Amor to Join & him as well as his old MC friend from the Border Chapter joined as well. He convinced his wife to join who was at first heartened join the Hounds but in time she followed suit. Between Amor, Cadence, & Hunter, their chapter has grown beyond the Dreams. With the help of his MC Amor has claimed his name of Valentine back as well as territories in Big Bear, Barstow and Calico.

2016-01-02 14.06.51.jpg He is currently One of the President of the Phantom Hounds MC ( this chapter's name is Westside Connection), and a man of unbelievable luck.

Known To Carthians: Amore is a member of the PPI Bureau. His mission and position is Zen Carthianism, and he is part of the Collectivists group.

Word of Mouth

Amor01.jpg Rumors

  • Ask him about the golf club. Go for it.
  • Valentine has saved his sires life twice.
  • Valentine build his Racks by kidnapping bums & criminals. He kept them hostage, slowly bleeding them out until they would die.
  • Valentine saved Rooks life when they first met, in return Claudius Rook gave Amor a life boon. Valentine use Rooks life boon to make him join the Sons of Carthage MC.
  • Amor has killed every father figure his ever had, including his own mortal father.
  • Valentine only ghoul is his mortal brother.
  • Amor gave out so many boons that his gone bankrupt twice in kindred society.
  • The reason that Amor is so loyal to the Lizard King is that between The Lizard King & the Cotery known as the Firm has collected every Boon Valentine has ever given out.
  • Amor gave 3 Major boons to Prince Roland of San Diego to be able to were his cut in San Diego.
  • When Valentine was renouncing his citizenship of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Invitus pay his several Mayer boons, as well as cashed any boons they had on him to stay for three more months.
  • Valentine has been working for the First Estate for the last 4 years.
  • Valentine is a double Infiltrator, he is a Carthian infiltrator in to the Invtus who think he is infiltrating the Carthians.
  • Valentine biggest weakness is his loyalty to the ones he cares about.
  • Amor will do anything to rise to power.
  • Valentine betrayed the Sons of Carthage, to the First Estate.
  • Valentine was manipulate by Cadence to start a war with Buzzard.
  • The Firm manipulate Valentine in to becoming paranoid of The Son of Carthage.
  • The First Estate set up Valentine to appear as thou he had betrayed the Son of Carthage.
  • Buzzard set up Valentine to appear as thou he had betrayed the Sons of Carthage.
  • Valentine often get in trouble / problems for trying to save others.
  • Amor has a reputation for all ways trying to be captain save a hoe.

  • Total manwhore and every full moon, a different type of whore (if you know what I mean).
  • Amor is actually concerned with peace and prosperity.
  • Cowtowed to the Ordo Dracul to delay an inevitable war.
  • Valentine has alienated two coteries.
  • Once offered to buy someone a nightclub if they could hook him up with one of the two Invictus babes who showed up for court.
  • Don't believe it. The Prince of San Diego is a total tyrant.
  • He was a virgin until last year, where he was taken advantage of by a high-ranking Invictus member.
  • Amor is an avid golfer.
  • Valentine does whatever the Fucking Lizard King tells him to do
  • He changed his name just so he could be known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Valentine.
  • Snubbed once by a woman in the Ordo Dracul, and that's why they're his sworn enemies.
  • Challenge The Unholy to a sparring match and was denied, however she promised to one day meet him in San Diego for the sparring match.
  • Amor, or as he was known at the time "Valentine", was in service to the Vicecount of Madrid and was being groomed for the embrace into Clan Ventrue. Valentine had always given good service and the month before his embrace his trials had been given to him and he had passed with such grace and skill that he attracted the attentions of the woman who was to become his broodmate. After one night of thorough passion a fellow ghoul jealous at being passed up yet again forthe embrace turned them both in. The childe was destroyed and Valentine cast out into the night, a death sentence soon for his service had already exceeded his natural lifespan. He was lucky enough to run into his soon to be sire and was embraced with the opportunity and promise for revenge.
  • He was offered membership into the Phantom Hounds Motorcycle Club out of Texas.
  • Has an unlikely friendship with an Ordo Dracul member by the name of *Rocco Vincony
  • Amore has joined the Phantom Hounds MC.
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  • "I moved across a country just to hang out near this man. What do you think I wouldn't do for him?" - Net
  • "Spends his night trying to organize the Carthians in San Diego for a united purpose, while the idea of trying to stack grains of sugar comes to mind, it's a rather impressively sized pile. His drive and ambition is certainly worthy of my respect, if I had met him when he was younger I'm certain we'd have been friends." - Alexander
  • "His moods seem as numerous as the names he chooses to go by." - Gabriele Faust
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OOC Information


Covenant: Carthian ••••
Clan: Daeva •••
City: San Diego •••••
Player: Ruben Vidales
Storyteller: Steve Smith


  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Al Swearengen from Deadwood

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