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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

WARNING:This character is dead.


"Rien ne sert d'être vivant s'il faut qu'on travaille.”

― André Breton, Nadja

Name: Amos Locke
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 10th
Position: Prince of Topeka
Family: The Bakescu
Coterie: The Speakeasy Investors


Confirmed (Ancilla)
Authority (Prince)
Commander (Prince)
Sovereign (Prince)

Favored (Granted by Elder Marius)
Favored (Granted by Servire Boris Baeronisky)
Favored (Granted by Elder Kippling)
Loyal (Granted by Archon Antonia Orsini)

Notable Traits
French Accent
Care Free

Amos was born, Absolon Lemieux in the year of our Lord 1823 as the bastard son of a Baron in Southern France. He led a carefree life, growing up with wealth and privilege. He would never be married off to some maid or crone for political power, he was simple the Bâtard. He was sent to talk through deals in his fathers name, a trusted servant that did his best for his family. When the peasants revolted in 1848 his family was lost, he gathered what money he could and made the run for England. There he caught the eye of a vampire who eventually turned him.


  • June 24, 1823 – Born Absolon Lemieux the bastard son of a Baron in Southern France

  • 1848 – Fled France for England in the face of revolution

  • 1850 – 1870 – ???

  • 1870 – 1900 – Became a Patron of a chain of houses of ill repute called The Poppy Den, run by Madame Caroline

  • 1900 – Came to America

  • 1910 – Robbed a Train with Blair St. John

  • 1920 – 1930 – Chicago with Isabella Roselini, a Giovanni who is a wonder with people. He also reconnected with Madame Caroline and spent time in the Double Speakeasy.

  • 1930-1940 – Moved to California to bask in the Golden Age of Hollywood. While there he befriended Pater Verus, and in 1939, while seeking the embrace rights for a particular mortal , Pater Verus arranged for those rights to go to a Toreador to whom he owed a boon, a betrayal which Amos only discovered following his return to America after WWII.

  • 1940 – 1950 – Taking advantage of the chaos that was World War 2, Amos returned to Europe and began a campaign of pillaging works of art. He couldn't care less about the conflict but the opportunity to make some money and possibly some boons later was to good to pass up. Early on in the conflict he realized he needed someone to watch his back during the day. He found an ideal candidate in a Russian soldier, Sasha Orlov. He ghouled the young man and together they did good work. He rewarded the ghoul with the embrace once they returned to America.

  • 1960 – 1970 – Travelled the United States with Lucy Belle, a Brujah he met during the war. They were going city to city selling off the art work that he was able to smuggle back into the states.

  • 1970 – 1980 – Spent time in New Jersey

  • 1990 – Used some boons and other things to steal a promising candidate from a Toreador, embraced Maxwell later that year.

  • 1990 – 2012 – ???

  • 2015 – Assumed Praxis of Topeka

  • 2016 – Met his final death while fighting the Sabbat in Colorado Springs, CO


Isabella Roselini - A devastating fashionable Giovanni, who has been an off and on again friend of Amos for years. They trade favors and insults, all the while enjoying being the center of attention. When he needs a group of people influenced he calls her, when she is having problems one on one, he is on her list to reach out too.

Sasha Orlov - Childer. Ghouled during World War 2 to watch his back, rewarded for his service at the end of the war by embracing him. Loyal and Talented, Sasha was a good investment.

Skyler - Childer. Thought lost, full of surprises.

Maxwell Stradivari - Childer. Performer, Crafter and teacher.

Belle Standish - Childer. Rebel and not a figment of Amos' imagination

Izzy Delgado - Childer. Cop, Good Guy, Trouble for sure.


He has a weakness for dangerous women.

Once convinced a Setite to leave her clan and join the Brujah.

Has a private rivalry ongoing for many years that revolves around a theft.

Has a fascination with Gargoyles, why else is he rushing off to battle as a Prince?

Was gifted an "Honorary Giovanni" pin by a member of the Family

Has a soft spot for Dementation Malkavians.


"He always struck me as more pomp than anything else. But, then again, I suppose that's what you get out of the French, isn't it?" - Dr. Jonathon St. John

"He may be more style than substance,'s definitely one hell of a style. And really, that's what's important." - Isabella Rossellini

"He taught me the value of charisma. My sire knows how to find the right people for a job.I look forward to seeing how far his star shall rise." - Sasha Orlov

"Prince Locke is but a gentleman in all regards to the word. Though, be wary of his temper..." - Lochlan Payne

"One cannot have a long and successful business partnership as ours without developing great affection for one another. I am his necessary evil." - Ambrosia

"I had noted his prosperity and position within the Tower and the Clan. It was happiness to recently find that we were related closer than I had originally thought." - Laszlo Bako

"So many unique dances, and I am not bored yet. Amos scars you, hurts you, and leaves you wanting more with each movement." - Abby

"Poor, beautiful boy to be drawn in by a pretty face. I wonder if he still holds a grudge - I know I would." - Ruby Wrenn

"C'è un nome nascosto all'ombra della mia anima , dove ho letto che notte e giorno e nessun altro occhio vede." - Donna Valentina Giovanni

"Une taverne est un lieu où la folie est vendu par la bouteille. Il est trop gentil. je ne vais pas l'oublier." - Sofie Duchamps

"The ladies seem most impressed with his dancing. Hopefully our enemies will be as well." - Antonia Orsini

"I hope he is a better Prince than he has been as a Sire. He has proven time and time again to be selfish and a virtual man whore. However, he seems to be an old man who can learn new tricks and actually step up to correct his wrongs." - Skyler

"Quiet, Collected, Interesting. I can say he is about the calmest guy I know. I wonder, does he spike his blood with Valium? Who knows, only Amos does." - Papa Aquitaine

"One normally assumes they are the one who is supposed to entertain a Prince. I scarcely expected to be so delightfully and vigorously...diverted." - Jayne Joyce

"Attention to detail. Planning. Situational awareness. Charisma. Wit. All tools in the arsenal of an effective Prince. If each were a card in his deck, one should hardly be surprised when His Majesty reveals a Royal Flush." - Midas Madison

"Each time I have met him I end up fighting the infernal. I really need to find the time to socialize with him outside of a warzone. He's a pretty nice guy for a Prince" - Simon Iscariot, Anarch Malkavian

"He knows when to step up and when to step the fuck back. I admire that." - Angelo

"A lovely conversationalist I could get in front of." - Delilah

"Whew! That man could charm you into anything and this is coming from a Ravnos." - Aoife Nicomedo

"Amos dit que j'étais dangereux. J'ai toujours pas la moindre idée de ce qu'il voulait dire par là ." - Adara Ryaine

"A competent fighter with a good head on his shoulders. I'm not surprised to hear he is now Prince." - Lexi von Jaeger

"Accueil ne quitte jamais les cœurs de ceux qui se souviennent de l' appel subtile qu'elle offre . Un homme charmant qui je peux parler avec pendant des heures.." - Guillaume de'Marianne

"He's shown up a few times now. I'm not sure I know much about him - but you should be wary of anyone the Giovanni openly make an honorary." - Ethan Sullivan

"C'est si facile d'oublier qu'il est Brujah. Il vous met à l'aise... jusqu'à ce qu'il cesse de sourire. Heureusement pour toi, je lui fais sourire." - Scarlett Thorne

"A worthy opponent, and a valued Sovereign among our Kindred. May the cards fall kindly for him in his endeavors." - Teros Django

"I didn't hear much about Amos before I first met him, but they were all accurate. Next time I see him, I'll be buying him a beer." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch

"For a Prince, he's alright. I mean, I don't recall ever wanting to die, so I'd say he's a superb Prince." - Uncle GiGi



“You're the flash of light on a burial shroud
I know something's wrong
Well everyone I know has got a reason
To say put the past away ”

"attention that we crave don't tell us to behave,
I'm sick of always hearing act your age.
I don't want to waste my time
become another casualty of society.
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity"

"Talk Less, Smile More,
Don’t let them know what you’re
against or what you’re for
You wanna get ahead?
Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead"


Player: Jonathan Felber
MES ID: US201594100194
VST: Darin Strouts
Miscellaneous: Always open to ties of all kinds, feel free to ask!

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Topeka, KS
Player: Jonathan Felber
Storyteller: Darin Strouts