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Character Information

"One impulse from a vernal wood, May teach you more of man, Of moral evil and of good, Than all the sages can."

-William Wordsworth, The Tables Turned


Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Uktena
Position: Pack Alpha.
Notable Traits: Excitable,eccentric, downtrodden, overly optimistic

Amy Hundred-Voices is a bit of an oddity, even among the Uktena. Now in her early-twenties, she underwent her First Change during her mid-teens. Amy is a Songkeeper, but one who’s still working hard at telling stories about the vast lore she collects. In fact, Amy has a reputation among the tribe for being a rather lackluster taleteller. Her greatest gift, as her name implies, is linguistics; Amy speaks a wide array of different languages and dialects. These include Italian, Aramaic, Greek, French, Hopi, Inuit, Portuguese and Russian. She’s also a bit unusual for a werewolf in that she’s completed a couple of college degrees, in the areas of Native American studies and occidental culture. Amy also knows a great deal about the Hisatsinom, whom the Diné called Anasazi. A few elders believe this knowledge will be immensely useful as the End Times near.

Family, History, Life

Amy carries a fetish bow, and she’s an accomplished archer, even though she’s highly self-critical. She’s also got a knack for hand-to-hand fighting, moving with deliberation and speed in combat. Despite their negative comments on her stories, her packmates Claws with Teeth and Chottle are fond of Amy, and she of them. The three form an odd group, in that they’re all misfits in their own way. Their most recent concern is the destruction of the Wendigo Greyrock Sept, which had grudgingly cared for the metis Chottle. Recently, Amy has recognized her totem as Chimera, the many who is one. She wonders if Chimera’s nature, a creature that likes to hide truth beneath masks and deceptions, is partly why her own tribe is a bit uncomfortable in her presence. Does her connection to Chimera imply that she herself is not what she seems?.

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Rumors & Quotes

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"I never want to leave this country; all my relatives are lying here in the ground. And when I fall to pieces I am going to fall to pieces here."

-Ahunkaha Napin

Pfddot.png" Pfddot.png" Pfddot.png" Pfddot.png"Talisa may not know it, but she's the backbone of our pack. Without her? We'd all fall to ruins." Seiðr’s Sacrifice

"There is no death. Only a change of worlds.” - Chief Seattle

Your Name

Player: NPC
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Uktena
Position: Pack Alpha
Rank: Adren
Sept: Greyrock Sept
ANST: Jaimie S.

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