Ana Thunder's Trial

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Ana Thunder's Trial
"Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass."
— Cordelia Chase
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TTS Known History.png

  • 1994: Antanasia Sturdza is born in Romania, the daughter of Romanian Shadow Lord Galliard Ligia Melody-of-Storms and her American Kin husband, Ioan.
  • 1994 - 2004: Raised as Kin, attending the school nearest the sept. She frequently gets taken on holiday around Europe, or to visit family in the USA.
  • 2004 - 2011: Attends private girls' boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland. Attends multiple schools due to her propensity for getting expelled for misbehaviour.
    • 2009: Goes truant from her current UK boarding school for three days, during which time she meets a young Fianna cub named Mikey and drags him along as her partner-in-crime until they're finally caught.
    • 2010: Ana undergoes her First Change when a Pentex First Team kills Melody-of-Storms and Ioan during the series of assassinations of high-ranking Garou following the Dousing of Anthelios.
  • Late 2011: Finally tiring of Ana's abrasive attitude and constant disrespectful prodding, her home sept exiles her until such time as she 'matures into a respectable Shadow Lord'.
  • 2012:
    • Jan/Feb: While at a Get of Fenris sept in Canada, questions and speaks out against the sept elders scapegoating a young Uktena over the fall of his Caern. After being beaten into unconsciousness for her disrespect, the sept elders make the Uktena take her with him when they expel him from the sept. The pair travel together for almost a week before going separate ways.
    • Sept: After answering a call for assistance, teams up with Silver Fang Theurge Tiercel Twice-Sworn and Child of Gaia Ahroun Dawn's Fury to take out a nest of Banes.
  • 2014:
    • Feb: Meherohk, a spirit of Helios' brood whom Ana first met on her Rite of Passage, directs Ana to go to Puerto Rico.
    • Mar: Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, Ana is brought together with Tiercel Twice-Sworn. It turns out that both of them owe Meherohk a debt, and he calls it in for the two of them to form a pack with him as their totem. The pack gets off to a rocky start.
    • Apr: With the disappearance of the Elders of the Tribal sept at Padre Island on undefined business, joins the small group of Shadow Lords who decide to take over the sept positions to keep the sept safe and running. Takes on the role of Keeper of the Lands for a few months until a more qualified person is able to take over.
    • May: Assists in caern defence during the caern reawakening at the Sept of Shrouded Spring.
    • Oct: Assists in the capture and interrogation of a Silver Spiral Elder.
    • Nov: Rescues a Fianna Kinfolk child from a vampire nest, assists in wiping out the nest and in interrogating a vampire before killing it.
  • 2015:
    • Jan:
      • Rescues a fae ally of the sept from dark fae.
      • Attains Fostern rank. Is given the deed name 'Thunder's Shadow', but chooses to keep using 'Thunder's Trial'.
    • Mar: Participates in the defense of the Sept of Luna's Awakening from forces of the Nightmaster and of a BSD pack and their First Team allies. Assists in taking down and capturing the BSD leader, and prevents him from carrying out his plan to kill his captors with a hidden grenade.
    • Apr:
      • Assists in taking out a pack of BSDs, including killing the Athro pack leader and not taking any wounds herself.
      • Challenges for the position of Wyrmfoe (challenge currently in progress).
    • May: Is given the position of 'Devil's Advocate' at the Sept of the Golden Door.
    • Jul: Challenges for the rank of Adren.
    • Aug: With her packmate Seamus, takes down the Athro BSD and her pack who had been plaguing their pack.
    • Sept:
      • Gains the rank of Adren, and is given the deed name 'Thunder's Lesson'.
      • Assists in the retrieval of all three keys for the time-lost Las Vegas caern.
    • Nov: Becomes Eldest Ragabash for the Sept of the Golden Door.
  • 2016

TTS Known History Renown.png

Rank: Adren
Current Renown:

Glory: 6.17

Wisdom: 8.23

Honor: 4.12

ATT Known History SL.png

Sun Icon.png Ana is one of the few members of the Children of Bat.
Bat icon.png

TTS Appearance.png

Ana is a young woman in her late teens, who stands approx. 5'4" tall. Her appearance echoes the long line of Shadow Lords before her (Pure Breed 3) in her dark brown eyes, long and perpetually untidy dark brown hair, and graceful features. Her expression almost always has a sardonic edge to it, and the simple quirk of an eyebrow can speak volumes. She tends to dress simply and casually in jeans and T-shirts with light makeup. In both clothing and makeup, black, red, and gold predominate. This is a typical example.

In lupus form, Ana is a slender and graceful jet black wolf with sharp golden eyes.

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