Anacleto Pino Accardi-Donati

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Clan: Lasombra

Status: Initiated, Blessed, Devout

Notable Traits:

Pack: Famiglia di Donati

Rumors: He is Luciana Donati's favorite childe.

Known History

Known Family

Sire: Luciana Donati

Childer: Lorenzo Abano-Donati, Katya Kazakevich-Donati

Broodmates: Santiago di Medici, Arias de Avila-Donati, Pasquale Donati, Mason Donati-Lafee, Jordan Kincaid-Donati


  • "He will be a great leader once he rids himself of timidness. It is no easy task to wrangle our family into working together; if he can accomplish it, it will be more than any other Ductus has managed thus far." - Kincaid

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OOC Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Derek Redman
Character: Anacleto Pino Accardi-Donati
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Ductus of Famiglia di Donati
Status: Initiated, Blessed, Devout
Domain: Myst
VST: Matt Hall

Player: Derek Redman

MES Number: US2006068067

Location: Roseville, CA