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"Sex is a tool and love doesn’t exist."
Her Grace, Duchess Anael D'Amore, Winter Queen


ADAdot.png Kith Succubus
ADAdot.png Motley None
ADAdot.png Freehold Freehold of Falling Leaves
ADAdot.png Entitlement Duchy of the Icebound Heart


ADAdot.png Duchess Ana
ADAdot.png Duchess Eyecandy
ADAdot.png Ana-D
ADAdot.png Icebitch
ADAdot.png Anabella Dark

Fame •

When it comes to her books, Ana is known as ‘Anabella Dark’ a not necessarily new author, but one really coming into her niche as a romance novelist. Considering her themes seem relatively obvious and oriented around finding "True Love", or as Anael puts it “Nonsense like that”.

In one interview, Miss Dark describes each book as: “A realistic twist on the Faerie tales we were told as children. Imagine if Cinderella had grown up in this day and age. Imagine after being helped by her Faerie Godmother, the godmother took Cindy’s beauty as payment for the miracle and left her to wander until her Prince finally found her. What if the only thing that would turn her ‘beautiful’ again was for that prince to truly love her, and only her, despite her new imperfections."

Regardless of the Sexual context in the books, there are actually some fairly solid life lessons and advice for both women and men on their journey through life although the faerie tales are a little hard to ignore at times.

Although her first book The Smell of Violets wasn’t widely well received, she has managed to step up her game by joining with other known Romance Novelists such as Jane Lancaster.


As Anabella Dark

ADAdot.png "The Smell of Violets"
ADAdot.png "Beneath His Wing"
ADAdot.png "Ride a Stallion"

With Jane Lancaster

ADAdot.png "The Blood of Thorns"

Rumors and Quotes

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ADAdot.png 'Mando'ad draar digu' ~ Jigger
ADAdot.png "Her effect on those who embrace and feel their passions is astonishing. She drives people to tears and to amorous frenzies, all the while, frozen and staid in her self-imposed icy prison. She is not on my Dissection List, no no, she is on my Must Be Studied List. Through her, we will understand how to control emotion in others." ~ Professor Mercury
ADAdot.png "I am rather fond of the Icebound Duchy, They understand the deep and underlying truth about love. They understand that love makes us sick... destroys our days, haunts our dreams... They understand that love... has killed more than any disease. They understand this important fact and use it to their advantage. They are in the right business too because there are so many out there desperate for love, no matter the cost." ~ Mr. Draco
ADAdot.png "My my, I hope to some day be able to do half of what the duchy does to others myself. For now though, I will need to just stay a silent admirer of her- their work. I need to admire their work." ~ Nichols Rex
ADAdot.png "Quote" ~ Character Name
ADAdot.png "She was married once, in fact, she still loves him. That's why she wears the ring still."
ADAdot.png "Duchess Ana likes the "taste" of other Fairest, specifically Muses."
ADAdot.png "Obviously her wings don't actually work, if they did then she wouldn't be able to change the 'desktop theme' of them so often. Seriously, feathers one day, batwings the next? They're probably fake anyway."
ADAdot.png "Of all the courts, Spring has the most issues with her. But only because they think she should be a Spring instead of a winter. Countless attempts at swaying the Succubus out of her chosen court have been launched, each one ending in the Onyx court gaining a Verdant follower."
ADAdot.png "She never takes her wedding ring off because she is still in love with whoever had the counterpart."
ADAdot.png "The crystal tears on her face aren't for herself, they're for the people who's hearts she has broken when she didn't want to break them."

Ana Speaking...

ADAdot.png "It's not you, it's me"
ADAdot.png "Babe, I didn't get these horns because I'm a prude."
ADAdot.png "What, it's just a massage, you looked tense?"
ADAdot.png "Wow, it's like theme night, isn't it?"
ADAdot.png "No...they're there to hold the halo up.~"
ADAdot.png "Let's face it, you're really not all that special."
ADAdot.png "If only there were someone out there who loved you."
ADAdot.png "Quote"

Physical Appearance

Striking Looks 4
Anael stands just over 157cm (5’2”), though she tends to supplement her height with heels, and weighs just under 57kg (125lb). She claims a 68cm waist, 86cm bust, 97cm hip for measurements, and knows full well how to flaunt it.
Her hair generally falls to her mid back and growing from above her eyes beyond the edge of her hair line are the twin curving horns that mark her as Not an Angel™. Between the two dark spires she hangs chains and in their loops the bright and stark wind of her Mantle seems to blow. Directly below the chains of her horns two wings sprout from her back, sometimes feathered, sometimes more of the 'bat' persuasion.
She prefers her lips painted a deep red, and the few onyx gems she places on her forehead are the badge of a Succubus; where as the ice crystals that form beneath her eyes like tears are a badge of a different sort. More often than not her nails are a dark blue or black. When they are the skin of her fingers seems to absorb some of the color to coat the lower half of her fingers.


Anael’s mantle takes the form predominately as a soft whisper of cold wind. With this cold wind the occasional fleck of snowflakes can be seen, also the scent of freshly fallen snow. It is a rather “faint” mantle considering it’s strength, but it is of Winter and it follows her wherever she goes.


Compared to her Mein, Ana isn't all that different on the Mundane side of things. Maybe her waist isn't as thin, but her perfectly silken hair is. Her eyes sparkle the same way, and she has further perfected the 'come hither' look that only stories could tell you about. She isn't perfect per say, but she does more than draw the eye. She pulls you in deeper and deeper, and all that without the horns.


People know that Ana has a penchant for speaking in a twisted style of those who are around her. Speak of one thing and eventually she will find a reason to speak of more vulgar things, although in parody to your own speech. She is fairly well spoken with those of the newly escaped nature, for whatever reason. And any who wish to learn things from her often can... for a price of sorts.


Ana doesn't remember much of her history before she was taken, in fact most of it is blank. The entire idea of a fetch is completely beyond here, other than she probably had one from whatever time period she was actually from. All she remembers was her first meeting with her Keeper, The Lover, his dark eyes and the brothel she was chosen to work in.
Years and unspeakable acts later she had been changed a sly bedprize with stories to tell if you wanted them and a mouth that could be used for many other things. It was years of conditioning that kept her enslaved to the True Fae until a small piece of literature fell from the pocket of someone (or something)'s clothes that caused her to run instead of taking her next client. Since then she has used her bedmanners to move from place to place and develop a following for writing saucy novels, as well as leaving a trail of broken hearts.
"Sex has it's place in the world and it's not to show love. Like a knife it is a weapon, and should be used as such." These were her words that she lived by as she traveled until she started to fall in love, or what she thought was love at least -- with two people at once, one whom she truly loved, and one who loved her truly. She left one at the altar while keeping the ring, and the other she smashed his heart and earned entrance to the Duchy of the Icebound Heart.

Character Ties

ADAdot.png Jane Lancaster ~ "We've written together, and to be fully honest she has some fairly interesting ideas on what a vampire can and cannot do. Maybe she is just one of those Twi-hards, either way at least the book is selling."
ADAdot.png Bostyn Little ~ "She has a wonderful voice, and although she is newly returned, at least in my assumptions. I gave her part of my wing as a token."
ADAdot.png Gris "He was a good lay, and honestly the only thing I can really complain about was the way the police treated us in the aftermath. Well them and the Summer who deposited us outside."
ADAdot.png Fawn "Truly a lovely woman, we've had our moments, but at least we remain friends."

OOC Information

ADAdot.png Player US2012070086
Sarah Peloquin
ADAdot.png Storyteller
ADAdot.png Domain VT-001-D


ADAdot.png Earl Edward Grey Intensity
ADAdot.png Hans All of it
ADAdot.png Inspiration reason

Player's Comments
Ana is no longer Active as a Character, I will leave this sheet up here incase if someone wants to use the formatting or have ties with her.

Ana is something that has been rolling in my head for a few years now. She's always been something of an Aenigma to me, and close to an antithesis of some of the things I believe. I am intending to brush up on a little bit of funtastic paranoia and such; but I am always open for character ties. Pretty much anything is good for me, except Ana getting her heart broken; that just doesn't happen.

Since she is an author, feel free to attach yourself as a hanger on there; or do the obvious and let this Sexy Succubus take you for a spin; I'm sure she wouldn't much mind.


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