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Requiem PC

Player: Glenda Kenyon
Character: Anahita McGregor
Clan: Daeva ●●
Bloodline: None Known
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ●●
Position: Maiden
Domain: Chicago, IL ●●
VST: Mark Harrison

Character Information

Name: Anahita McGregor

Clan: Daeva

Bloodline: None known

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Title or Positon: Maiden


Anahita arrived to Chicago newly embraced in 1971, having escaped from her sire in Bombay. She quickly met her fellow Kindred, and kept to herself mostly. She joined The Circle of the Crone soon after arriving to the city since her Zoroastrianism was still a defining part of her world. If anything, she has held to her faith to make her path, having served as a Maiden in Chicago since she became an Acolyte. Her determination to cause no harm has been seen an annoyance to some and noble to others.

Joe Czalk introduced Anahita to Chicago’s kindred and helped her establish herself amongst her fellow Daeva. She has continued to be the “quiet” one, and has supported her clan throughout the years.


Her emotional reactions can remind many of their days as a neonate. In fact, sometimes she is treated like a child. Anahita doesn’t seem to mind, but instead is a bit more perturbed if one refers to her by her last name--McGregor. Though she can become nervous and visibly uncomfortable in certain situations, most of the time if she is found in Chicago she seems at peace and calm. She is wary of new people to the city, and does have individuals she prefers to be around.


Anahita is almost always seen in a sari, wrapped in one of the most common fashions, with her gold jewelry. She also is sure to wear a headband. She only wears makeup at formal occasions. Despite the weather outside, she always has a preference for sandals.

Information known by the Circle of the Crone

Circle of the Crone.png

Position: Maiden

Faith: Zoroastrianism

Quotes about Anahita

  • "Anahita? She is a conscience the city does not yet deserve but will always need." - Hal Fischer
  • "It is not disdain that leads me to avoid her, but respect. She has chosen a kind of purity that is impossible for us, and she will fail, but I respect the strength it takes to make that decision and to stick to it. I avoid her because I refuse to be responsible when she finally falls." - Lord Quinn
  • "I respect her arrogance, pity her hope and wait until she has neither then she will come to us." - Jude Alexander
  • "She's a ministering angel in a den of demons. If I can ever manage to have half her poise and grace, I'll consider myself blessed." - Ellen Doyle
  • "Little bird of the Acolytes sings a sad song." - Gus
  • "We Daeva tend to revel in our emotions. Knowing this, it is still a bit unsettling how much Anahita feels. Always." - Luca
  • "In 1875, Charles Darwin wrote a now very popular book on carnivorous plants called Insectivorous Plants in which he detailed that some plants have adapted to catch their prey by secreting tacky fluids that seem to be sweet, but will in fact, ensnare the unsuspecting insect as it passes by. The plants then take their time digesting the insects, stealing their nutrients over a period of time before repeating the process indefinitely. Vampires don't cry." - Jon Clay
  • "My little sister. Anahita is a difficult kindred for me to deal with sometimes; a great pleasure at other times. Her wisdom is unquestionable but her passions are too often unchained. Perhaps madness does bring insight but at what ultimate price?" - Joe Czalk
  • "Anahita is the most suspicious trusting person I know." - Baby Bear
  • "I am thankful to have Anahita near me, it is rare to see one with such devotion to her path. She is a powerful reminder of what we fear losing and what we sacrifice in the process." - Sifu Bei Shi Tian
  • "She cries a lot. I don't think I've ever seen her not crying." Gary
  • "I like Anahita, but it's exhausting having her around. Seems like she's having a nervous breakdown every couple minutes. I'd spend more time with her if she didn't give me flashbacks to working in the nursing home. Fuck me, I hated that place. I'm so glad I'll never be old and decrepit, I can't even tell you." - Daniel D. Lyons
  • "The act must serve a purpose." - Alfie
  • "Anahita is a constant reminder that cultivating humanity can be dangerously similar to cultivating weakness. She appears to do both." - K
  • "I don't eat flowers." - Leopold Macellarius
  • "While I've conversed with her only briefly, she seems to be well spoken and well worthy of respect." - Aidan Clarke
  • "She always reminds me of my sire, a little older though." - D.Wade

OOC Information

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Player Name Glenda Kenyon

MES Number US2009094717

Location Chicago, IL

Inspiration for Anahita