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Apocalypse PC

Player: Amanda Plageman
Character: Seeks-the-Lost (formerly Aname)
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Red Talons
Position: Eldest Theurge & Ritemaster
Rank: Elder
Pack: TBD

Glory: 11
Honor: 11
Wisdom: 17
Pure Breed: 3
Spirit Network: 3

Domain: Garden of Good and Evil
VST: Morgan Minchey

Character Information

Name: Aname (Garou for 'Soul Friend')

Auspice: Listening Moon (Theurge)

Tribe: Red Talons

Camp: Warders of the Land

Pack: TBA

Rank: Elder

Sept Sept of Bitter Reminders

Domain: Garden of Good and Evil (Savannah, GA)

Notable Traits

  • Left forepaw is pure white, on an otherwise reddish-brown wolf.
  • One bright red streak of fur at the head.
  • Aname is slightly smaller than usual for a Red Wolf.
  • Rarely leaves Lupus or Hispo form. Refuses to speak anything other than Wolf, Garou, or Spirit Speech without a DAMN good reason.
  • Sign of the Wolf (Flaw)
  • Animal Musk (Flaw)

  • Aname is known to be able to create Scar Fetishes.

Battle Scars

Aname in her summer coat
  • A hairless scar from an obviously disemboweling wound runs nearly the length of her underbelly.
    • This Battle Scar was recently re-worked by a herd of Unicorn spirits, and now has the shape of a Unicorn's horn. Size and placement are unaltered.


Sept Titles or Positions

Aname in a pensive moment and her winter coat
  • Eldest Theurge
  • Ritemaster
  • Eldest Lupus
  • Eldest Red Talon

Rites Known

Red Talon Tribal Glyph
Theurge Auspice Glyph
Lupus Breed Glyph

(Always looking to learn and teach Rites!)

  • Accomplishment, Rite of (Basic Renown)
  • Badger's Burrow, Rite of the (Inter Caern)
  • Baptism of Fire (Basic Mystic)
  • Becoming, Rite of (Basic Mystic)
  • Binding, Rite of (Basic Mystic)
  • Bone Rhythms (Minor)
  • Breath of Gaia (Minor)
  • Caern Building, Rite of (Adv Caern)
  • Cleansing, Rite of (Basic Accord)
  • Contrition, Rite of (Basic Accord)
  • Cup, Rite of the (Basic Mystic)
  • Defiance, Rite of (Basic Caern [Tribal]) Note: Aname might be willing to teach this Rite outside the Tribe. This does not alter the need for the appropriate approval code and preliminary RP.
  • False Justice, Rite of (Inter Mystic [Tribal]) Note: Knowledge that this Rite even exists is OOC to anyone other than Red Talons. Knowing that Aname has this Rite is also only IC for Red Talons.
  • Fetish, Rite of the (Inter Mystic)
  • Gaia's Rebirth, Rite of (Adv Mystic [Tribal]) Note: Knowledge that this Rite even exists is OOC to anyone other than Red Talons. Knowing that Aname has this Rite is not common knowledge for Red Talons, but can be found out IC-ly.
  • Gaia's Vengeful Teeth (Advanced Punishment)
  • Gathering for the Departed (Basic Death)
  • Great Hunt, The (Basic Seasonal [Summer])
  • Greet the Moon (Minor)
  • Greet the Sun (Minor)
  • Honor's Sanction (Basic Punishment)
  • Human Mind, Rite of the (Inter Punishment, [Tribal])
  • Hunt, The (Inter Punishment)
  • Hunting Prayer (Minor)
  • Lone Wolf (Adv Punishment)
  • Long Vigil, The (Basic Seasonal [Autumn])
  • Moot Rite (Basic Caern)
  • Opened Bridge, Rite of the (Inter Caern)
  • Opened Caern, Rite of the (Basic Caern)
  • Ostracism, Rite of (Basic Punishment)
  • Passage, Rite of (Basic Accomplishment)
  • Prayer For the Prey (Minor)
  • Prophecy, Rite of (Inter Mystic, [Tribal])
  • Questing Stone, Rite of the (Basic Mystic)
  • Reawakening, Rite of (Basic Seasonal [Spring])
  • Rending of the Veil, The (Inter Punishment)
  • Renunciation, Rite of (Basic Accord)
  • Satire Rite (Inter Punishment)
  • Shrouded Glen, Rite of the (Inter Caern)
  • Silver Death, Rite of (Inter Punishment)
  • Spirit Awakening, Rite of (Basic Mystic)
  • Stolen Wolf (Inter Punishment)
  • Stone of Scorn (Basic Punishment)
  • Summoning, Rite of (Basic Mystic)
  • Talisman Dedication, Rite of (Basic Mystic)
  • Tears of Luna (Inter Punishment)
  • Totem, Rite of the (Inter Mystic)
  • Voice of the Jackal (Basic Punishment)
  • Warding the Linger Human (Basic Caern, [Tribal]) Note: This Rite may be of especial interest to Silent Striders and others dealing with ghosts.
  • Winter Wind, Rite of the (Basic Seasonal [Winter])
  • Winter Wolf, Rite of the (Inter Death)
  • Wisdom's Lament (Inter. Punishment)
  • Wounding, Rite of (Basic Accomplishment)



  • Courageous x2
  • Daring
  • Exalted x2
  • Impressive x2
  • Spirited x3
  • Superb


  • Dutiful x3
  • Esteemed
  • Reputable x2
  • Trusted x4
  • Virtuous


  • Inspired x2
  • Pragmatic x3
  • Profound x2
  • Respected
  • Revered
  • Sacred x2
  • Spiritual x3
  • Venerable
  • Wise x2

Students Taught & Teachers Learned From

  • Bleeds for the Past received his Fostern Task from Aname. He traveled both the Physical world and the Umbra in search of something. He doesn't speak of his travels, but he must have found what Aneme sent him after as he is now Fostern.

  • Whispers in Darkness has learned several Rites from Aname.

  • Whispers to Oak challenged Aname for Fostern. As a result a huge number of wolves from all over the Southeast traveled to Greenville, SC.

  • Bloody Peace went through his Rite of Passage under Aname's guidance.

  • Bites the Wyrm Studies the spirits under Aname, Challenged her for Arden.

(Has Aname taught you? Did you challenge her for Rank? Add yourself!)

Name History

(Note: The Cliath, Fostern, Adren, Athro and Elder names are common knowledge. The Milk Name is known only by those very close to her. The Howl Name is known only to Red Talons and some Lupus.)

  • Milk Name: White Paw (Only her nearest and dearest may use this.)
  • Cliath: Nose-to-the-Sky
  • Fostern: Defends-the-Bear
  • Adren: Aname (Garou for 'Soul Friend')
  • Athro: Stalks-the-Sacred
  • Elder: Seeks-the-Lost
  • Howl Name: 'That shivery feeling when a cool breeze ruffles your fur the wrong way' (Only Red Talons and some lupus may use this.)


Old Wolf of the Woods
Old Wolf of the Woods Totem by The Glyphmaker

Name: TBA
Totem: Old Wolf of the Woods
Other Members:

Looking for more Lupus (not just Red Talon) members!

This pack is still under construction.

Friends and Allies

  • Brody Eberhart Tackles the Mountain has become a recent ally and pupil of Aname. He finds her lupus views and simplistic yet spiritual nature refreshing. He plans to learn as much as he can from her while teaching her what little he knows and developing a bond of friendship in the meantime.

Enemies and Antagonists


  • Aname is soft on humans- she only wants to kill most of them.
  • Aname was captured by humans once as a pup. If you look close, you can see the scar where a tracking device was implanted.
  • Aname has made a Metis- with a Glass Walker.
  • Aname is welcome in every Gurahl den across North America.
  • Aname was mistaken for a dog by a family of camping humans. She ate them all.
  • Aname has joined the Catholic church.
  • Aname leads a band of homeless human freedom fighters in the city.

Add some!


Add some!

From Aname

  • "You make big mouth 'till Galliard come." -To Denny McNeely a Fianna Ragabash who was taking charge of a bunch of new Garou.
  • "Can't make right words in this mouth." -Observations on her rarely-taken Homid form.

About Aname

  • Bites from Aname are rare, but females of A. inimica (also called "unfriendly" by Aborigines) are reported to have bitten several people, resulting in local pain, redness and soreness. -from Aname wiki (apparently, 'Aname' is also a kind of spider. Who knew?)


  • The Hunt Aname's thoughts on the best of wolf life.
  • The Calling Torn between two worlds? Aname understands.
  • The Confrontation Aname's thoughts on cages, humans, and the harm they do.
  • Strange Blood Life was sweeter as a simple Wolf- but there's no turning back...
  • Nightcrawler Weaver-thing? Wyrm-Taint? Does it matter?

OOC Information

Player: Amanda Plageman
MES Number: US2002023006
Location: Savannah, GA

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Garou Glyphs

  • Aname uses the Garou Glyphs for divination and prophecy.

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