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Malkavian Symbol.png


A remnant of a bygone age, members of the Ananke bloodline are said to have kept the ancient temples, where oracles performed haruspexy to read truths in blood. Ananke believe that the secrets of Universe can be witnessed in a microcosm by scrutinizing the bodies of the recently dead. Wisdom can only be gained by savagely tearing into the corporeal, physically delving through the inner workings of each creature in creation. This means that an Ananke Malkavian often has a low morality, sacrificing her humanity to her search for grisly answers. Although the bloodline is experiencing a resurgence (more promising childer are available, due to the modern fascination with serial killers), by and large the Ananke are few. A member of this bloodline is compelled to collect trophies of her murderous exploits, using Auspex on them in meditative contemplation. She surrounds herself with the visceral "workings of the universe" in an attempt to find deeper understanding. Scholars suspect that one of the first Ananke Malkavian was the Methuselah known as the Ankou.

Additional Weakness

All Ananke are compelled to take grisly trophies of their activities, and if deprived of the opportunity to take a trophy, they become utterly unreasonable. If their collection is threatened, stolen, or destroyed, they cannot regain willpower until they have started a new collection of momento mori.


Auspex, Dementation, Presence