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Spirit Eagle.jpg

Character Information

Theme Song: Marche Slave
Theme Song: Let It Go

Player: Jennifer Vittoe
Name: Anastasia "Sasha" Alexia Dmitra Romanov
Cliath Name: Requiem's Icy Prelude
Fostern Name: Sanguine Moon's Battle Cry
Alternate Deed Name: Sovereign's Requiem
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Silver Fang
House: Wyrmfoe
Lodge: Lodge of the Moon
Pack: Heads Will Roll
Pack Totem: Eagle
Pack Alpha: Me
Sept: Sept of the Golden Door Puerto Rico

Family Ties:

Childhood Friends:



  • "She keeps her pack strong, despite the misfortune of their birth. That is the mark of a true leader - one who does not merely direct those who are already great, but who inspires others to greatness. I've known her since she was young, and I'm proud to see her turn out so well." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn

  • "Anastasia showed us that we are worthy of respect. She taught us to stand up for ourselves. She enlightened us to the fact that those who mistreated us were violators of the Litany, and stood in defiance of Gaia's laws." - Braeden Peterson

  • "She scraps with the best of them, rains lead down on her enemies with a zeal not unlike a Fenrir warrior, and inspires her comrades with her shining presence upon the battlefield. She is a credit to her Tribe, a good friend, and a Garou I trust with my life... and my brother's." - Ruric Peterson
  • "Anastasia has an air of strength around her that I believe comes from her sheer will and inner strength. I hope that I will eventually hear her story entered into the Silver Record." - 'Ray Fullbringer
  • "Know now by her tales she is Sovereign's Requiem." -'Atum's Pride



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Purebreed 3
Enchanting Voice
Alluring 5
Fair Glabro
Limp (Left Leg)