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Name: Anastasia Gabriele Delacroix
Aliases: Anna, Asmara, Gabby
Apparent Age: Mid-late 20s
Current Location: Tucson Arizona
Current Assignment: The Dread Desert


A tall, athletic woman with golden-blonde hair and striking blue eyes, Anna carries herself with an air of confidence and authority. Though on the job she favors professional attire in blacks and charcoal greys, when off-duty her preference tends toward the casual - often incorporating deep reds and purples. When exhibiting her demonic powers, her eyes turn a vivid purple, glowing with infernal might.

Professional Look
Casual Look
Casual Look 2




Accord PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Creature Type: Possessed
Division:Accord Investigative Services
Domain: The Dread Desert

IC Email: Anastasia Cross



Primary Duties

  • Investigation
  • Demonology

Skill Set

  • Investigation
  • Marksmanship
  • High-Performance Driving/Pursuit
  • Hand-to-hand Combat


  • Competent leadership/squadmates


The Woman
Born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1986 to Johnathan Cross and his wife Marian, Anastasia - called Anna by her parents and friends - had a relatively untroubled childhood. They made regular trips to her mother's hometown in Iowa to visit her family, as well as to Louisiana to visit her father's. Anna proved to be remarkably perceptive, with an above-average intelligence, doing well in school and while not the most social girl there, she made a few close friends.

After graduating college, Anna joined the FBI - a lifelong dream finally realized. In 2010, just a year after joining the Bureau, Anna cracked a major case involving a serial killer while still a Junior Agent. While the case ultimately resulted in the killer's death at the hands of Agent Cross, the quick wit and keen intellect she displayed during the investigation earned her a reputation in the Bureau.

In 2014, while following a lead on a case from several years prior, Anna became the target of a Truth cult based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nearly killed when her car was flipped over, she pressed the investigation, resulting in her death at the hands of the cult's maniacal leader - shot through the head with her own gun.

What happened next, she can barely remember. A being came to her - a demon, wearing a woman's face, familiar yet distinctly not. She offered Anna a, for a price. A deal the young Agent couldn't help but take. A deal that ushered her into the World of Darkness and the war against the Truth all at once...

The Demon
The demon Asmara is a demon of Pride, and it shows. Haughty, confident, wicked - she's spent lifetimes corrupting souls and gathering as much power for herself as she could manage. Though few know the extent of Asmara's activities, or just how old she truly is, she spent nearly three centuries inhabiting her favorite host - a French woman named Elizabeth Delacroix. Though she was thought destroyed with her host in 2012, it is clear now that this was a mistake. She is very much alive, and now very eager to see the Accord succeed...for the sake of a world she hopes, as ever, to one day rule.


  • 1986 - November 30th: Born in Leesburg, VA to Johnathan Cross, a Naval officer, and his wife Marian, a local Librarian.
  • 1989 - The Cross family relocates to Norfolk, VA, where Anastasia grows up
  • 2005 - Anna graduates from Maury High School in Norfolk, VA. After a short summer break, she begins attending Virginia Tech, focusing on their Psychology program.
  • 2006 - Marian Cross is diagnosed with cancer.
  • 2009 - Anna graduates with a Bachelor's in Psychology from Virginia Tech. After three years of struggling with cancer, Marian Cross finally succumbs. Too immersed in his work, Johnathan isn't there for her passing, causing a rift to form between himself and his daughter. Anna accepts a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and moves to Washington, D.C.
  • 2010 - Anna is instrumental in solving a case involving serial murders with the help of the psychic Kyle Everett. Agent Cross is forced to shoot the suspect, but her investigative skills are responsible for finding him in the first place, making her reputation in the Bureau.
  • 2011 - Investigating a gang-related beating, Anna meets Aurora Coventry. The girl refuses to answer questions, insisting that if the agent pushes too far both of them will be in danger. Despite her best judgment, Anna lets the matter drop.
  • 2012 - Meadowbrook
  • 2014
    • May 10th: While following up a lead on the Meadowbrook case from two years prior - a case Anna refused to give up on - the agent tracks a source to Albuquerque, NM. There, when bringing a woman named Maria in for questioning, a strange man flips her car upside-down with his bare hands, some demonic force within him attempting to possess her. The force is repelled by Maria, the woman possessing strange powers herself.
      • Tracing the attacker to a local MMA training camp, Anna encounters their leader, a charismatic man named Buster. It is quickly discovered that Buster is using the camp as a front for drug manufacturing. In a confrontation with Buster, the man shoots himself and Agent Cross through the head.
      • Anna wakes up, alive and without a scratch, in the back of a Task Force Valkyrie van, knowledge of the Truth and the Supernatural world imparted by the demonic force now possessing her. Using this information to avoid being killed by the local Cell, Anna reluctantly joins at gunpoint.
    • May 26th: Anna travels to Puerto Rico to experience how other cells run, and sits in on a memorial for the fallen. There she meets Mietta de la Motte and Jackson. The trio go drinking and Anna becomes fall-down drunk after an embarrassingly small number of shots.
    • June 16th: Now a member of the Ponce, PR Cell and residing with Jackson and Mietta (Now her boyfriend and girlfriend, respectively), Anna participates in a mission to infiltrate a gathering hosted by a local CUT leader.
    • August 25th: Anna proposes to Mia. The two become engaged.
    • October: Anna and Mia marry before relocating to Tucson, Arizona

Known Associates



  • Eustacia Palas - Someone from the darker part of me's past. Not sure yet.
  • Kyle Everett - Psychic. Functioning Alcoholic. Full of Surprises.
  • Aurora Coventry - She's a sweetheart. Still looks like a kid, but I wouldn't underestimate her.
  • Selma
  • Joline Dubois - Cellmate, fellow agent, division mate and Sera's Granddaughter

Other Persons

Fallen Friends




  • "If you so much as harm one hair on Anna's head, I will kill you." - Mietta de la Motte to a Lucifuge.
  • "It's to be hoped that what little I have seen of her is more indicative of the stress she was under than her usual behavior." - Professor Philo Taylor, Ph.D
  • "Intelligent. Beautiful. A hint of mischief. A chip off the old block. She is definitely one of mine." - Charles Adams
  • "This demon possession is good for her...when I first met her she was idealistic, full of unfortunate ideas about duty and honor, and sadly altruistic. However she understands, I think. The way of the world, that is...and I am more than happy to lead her to greater understanding. She has the potential for true greatness, she needs only keep to this path and seize it." - Dr. Lillian Cross
  • "Queen of Pride, shit yeah! All my family are kings and queens... wait.. Oh, it's *make-believe*.... Well then, fucking fine woman. Proud to fight with her *any* day or night. Wait... she's my cousin?" - Jaq Clarke
  • "Single pistol shot, through two windows and across an open courtyard, in winter. Saved my life. And that was before she was a supernatural." - Kyle Everett


  • Her visits to grandfather Charles have always been "special" for the both of them.
  • Her loyalty to grandfather Charles is almost slavish. Perhaps he has her under some type of mystical control?


  • Olivia Dunham - "Fringe"
  • Emma Swan - "Once Upon a Time"


Out of Character

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever! ^_^

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