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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Gulf Coast, MS
Player: Mary Dubuisson
Storyteller: Ryan Garriga
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NOTE: This character has died. If you have any further questions, direct them to the ST.

Name: Anastasia Martin AKA "Sticks"

Clan: Tremere

Generation: 11th

Position in the Court: Whip of Clan Tremere

Position in Clan Tremere: Apprentice of the 6th Circle of Mysteries (Known only to Tremere)

Notable Traits: Wears her goggles at all times, regardless of outfits. She also carries around her laptop and other gadgets as well.

Status: Acknowledged by Prince of the Gulf Coast, MS.

  • Loyal as per the prince of her domain. (This Status is Fleeting)
  • Loyal as per the prince of her domain. (This Status is Fleeting)
  • Acclaimed as per the Tremere Clanhead. (This Status is Fleeting)

Coteries/Societies: None Known

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • "Sticks" has only just recently relocated to the MS Gulf Coast.
  • She is known to be a rather approchable kindred, if a little quirky.
  • She is VERY good with computers.
  • Her grandsire, Chen recently died in the battle for Chigago. Both she and Jack were present for said battle. It has hit both of them very hard.


  • 1850 - Born in Detroit, MI.
  • 1870 - Ghouled by her sire Jack Mitchel.
  • 1877 - Embraced on May 28, 1877
  • 1880 til 1890 - Went to London with her sire and observed and learned. Spent her fledgling years then.
  • 1900 - Came back to America to travel about from place to place, learning and assisting various kindred.
  • 1939 - 1945 Transferred to Avignon France during WWII and worked under prince Zahra Blanc to aid the war effort.
  • 2014 - Present - Resides in the domain of Prince Beau Stockstill of the MS Gulf Coast.

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  • I heard her muttering to thin air once.. What's that about?
  • That is not a Tremere, it is a Giovanni
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  • "My little jìgōng. What a wonder you will be." - Jack Mitchel, on the night of Anastasia's Embrace.
  • "A profoundly talented and gifted young Tremere who is wise beyond her years and skilled beyond imagination." Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "She is so timid and shy around the Wraiths that speak to her, this is why Tremere should never be taught how to commune with the dead."-Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "How lucky we were that night that Sticks was able to use her computer phone thing to crash that car into Elysium. She very well safed our unlives that night!" Emma Noel
  • "I am glad to see that Virotti is bringing in much more competent members of his clan. She is quiet and watchful yet useful when called to duty. If only all the members of her Clan within my domain could follow her example." Beau Stockstill
  • "She is.. oddly approachable. Not many people have pleasant things to speak of about Tremere, but she is.. somehow different from most." - Pehvyn
  • "When confronted by fiery death, this one saved not only her life, but the lives of her fellows. This one has much honor and does not laud her success, what modesty! And attention to detail! There are many who are lucky she was there." Tsarsand
  • "She will never be alone. We think in her heart of hearts, she is not theirs; maybe she is more ours."-Donna Sophia Allegra Giovanni
  • "It is interesting to see someone so open about the Spirits they speak with. A warning to her would be just because they speak with her doesn't mean they don't obey me." - Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "She let me hold her big wrench and I was so happy it is not everyday a ravenclaw lets you hold their wand." - Umlaut Ennui
  • "I'm interested.. To see what this new keeper will do for this domain." - Leona Theron
  • "She intrigues me, I hope she can keep the security of our new Elysium secure, I HOPE she can protect the Elysium. I HOPE she can keep the rubbish away, I have many hopes for her. She plays with her gadgets a bit too much to my liking, however she is quite useful and one of the few I feel I can trust, not with my secrets but perhaps with my life." -Josette (Josie) Fortenberry
  • Some have lost their passions over these long years, my Anastasia, she has lost none. What a sensual creature she is. Tsarsand
  • "Miss Martin is the beneficiary of her sire's discerning judgement not only through her Embrace, but also in her relationship with me. I am grateful for Prince Mitchel's aid, and pleased that it came at such pleasant expense of my time with his young childe." Adeline Bellamy
  • "She has a very pretty elysium, too bad the chairs have holes in them. Brother Billy
  • "I saw her when she wasn't looking . She watches and observes the world around her, which is far more then the oblivious majority . It is unfortunate that we didn't meey under better circumstances , but this existence rarely affords that." - Zaina
  • "It is easy to see why her sire is proud of Ms. Martin." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "My pride, my singular joy. There is no asterism that will not weep with me. There is no star that will rise without hearing the cry of my vengeance. I swear it, from now unto eternity, my daughter." - Jack Mitchel
  • "When I lost the only friend that I had, I didn't really expect to find another one. Turns out I was wrong." - Isabella Marie

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Grandsire: Chen (9th)

Sire: Jack Mitchel (10th)

Known Childer

Character Soundtrack

Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling

OOC Information

Name: Mary Dubuisson

MES Number: US2013040019

Location: Biloxi, MS

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