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Sol Invictus
“Life is short and if you're looking for extension, you had best do well. 'Cause there's good deeds and then there's good intentions. They're as far apart as Heaven and Hell.”
— Ben Harper, Ground on Down.

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The spirits favoured Alexander Seeks the Dark with early omens. It is said that a lapis lazuli scarab came to life in his presence when he was but a child, marking him as a favoured child of Khepri, spirit of the Dawn.

Alexander's first change came at the age of fifteen during the funeral rites for his father, who had been the leader of his British Sept. The Garou of the Sept howl in mourning with the cub, but more than any of them he remained defiant, certain that he would avenge this death.

A short two years later the young Ahroun completed his Fostern challenge and was counted among the most promising young warriors of the Silver Fang House Austere Howl. Shortly afterward a Silent Strider gave to him a gold and lapis scarab, claiming that a spirit had bade him do so. Alexander had forgotten that early encounter and thought little of it, but the spirit remembered.

The following year Alexander Seek the Dark was discovered to be a charach, his passions having run away from him with the new Sept alpha. He was ejected from the sept that his father had led and died for, branded in silver for all to see his crime.

At nineteen he seemed to have lost all of the potential his Sept had believed him to hold, and day by day he was edging toward Harano. Only the dreams that plagued his sleeping hours were a stronger drive, and they led him to Wales, to the Shadow Lord Ragabash he'd seen so many times while dreaming. Unlike he, who was an experienced Fostern who'd lost much Renown, the Ragabash was newly elevated to Fostern at the moot he attended. She wore an identical scarab pin, and they each recognised the omens well enough to join together in a pack. They did not choose a totem spirit, but rather their totem spirit had chosen them.

Five years passed thereafter in which Alexander and Ileana Scent of Shadow worked together as Sol Invictus, guided by Scarab. They had earned considerable acclaim, but thus far they'd fallen short of the goals their totem spirit hinted at cryptically. They tracked a Black Spiral Dancer pack dedicated to Bat halfway across Europe through the midst of the Great Depression as the months ticked ever closer to the second World War. The Spirals had stolen the pathstone from the Welsh Sept that Sol Invictus called home. Finally having cornered their enemies the two Garou stalked into a cave. They knew the place reeked of taint, but the lessons of the Pit Totem, Kirijama, ensured that they did not recognise it for the Hive that it truly was.

Alexander and his Shadow Lord packmate fought the Black Spiral Dancers, but there were many of them and only two Adren, no matter how skilled, stood no chance against such a trap. Both fell in battle. These last moments have been communicated in visions to modern members of Sol Invictus. The last words Seeks the Dark heard, coming as if from a distance were "You have failed, again." Profound sorrow and shame followed before that became oblivion.

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No Silver Fang of any lineage has yet reported contact with Seeks the Dark as an Ancestor spirit, whether through innate connection or direct contact. Whether or not an Ancestor spirit exists for Seeks the Dark is uncertain. Though he was believed to hold considerable potential it was first marred and then cut short, ensuring that the tales which are remembered of him are not exceptional, especially when placed in contrast with other members of Sol Invictus across the centuries.

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Alexander was a part of a very small pack, consisting only of himself and Shadow Lord Ragabash Ileana Scent of Shadow.
The totem spirit of this pack was Meherokh the Scarab, who also guides the modern incarnation of Sol Invictus.

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The current incarnation of Sol Invictus does not possess any artifacts which belonged to Alexander Seeks the Dark.
It is unknown what possessions or fetishes, if any, have survived from this Garou. Given that he died in a Wyrm Pit it is likely that any such artifacts would have fallen into the hands of Black Spiral Dancers.

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If you wish to have a background connection with this NPC or use him in any way, please contact Luke Parsons and the VST of MES Online's Apocalypse Venue.

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