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Sol Invictus
“Inaction is perhaps the greatest mistake of all.”
— Charles Schumer.

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Though it is known that the heritage of Sol Invictus is tied in some strong manner to this ancient Silver Fang, the specifics are far less clear. Whether he was formally a part of Sol Invictus remains a mystery with no apparent answer.

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Sun Icon.pngA leather thong holding a small square granite pendant which has gold veins shot through it in the shape of the House Golden Sky Glyph. It was crafted by Earth and Metal elementals at the behest of a Theurge of the House to mark Golden-Eyes' prominence. This artifact was held by the Incarna of the Aetherial Sun, Katanka Sonnak, for an unknown time before being given to Tiercel Twice-Sworn.
Moon Icon.pngA 4-inch tall statuette of a falcon, carved in mammoth tusk, carved by Golden-Eyes.
Sun Icon.pngAn obsidian blade with an age-darkened ivory handle which was napped by Golden-Eyes and turned into a talen. He carried it at the time of his death.

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If you wish to have a background connection with this NPC or use him in any way, please contact Luke Parsons and the VST of MES Online's Apocalypse Venue.

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