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Known Information

Name: Ms Anda Dalca

Age: 30

Physical Appearance and Personality

Anda is a petite woman, but her force of personality makes her seem larger than her 5’4” frame. She's intelligent, competitive, witty, and observant.

A heart shaped face is framed by a cascade of curled black hair, usually pulled back into a chignon or bun of some kind with a few curls free to frame wide and expressive sea-green eyes. Her lips are full and seem to be set in the permanent smirk of someone who knows something you don’t, resting over what can only be described as a stubborn chin. A light dusting of freckles splay across her nose and cheekbones.

Her usual clothing varies between elegant black cocktail dresses and grey skirt suits accented with jewel-toned tops in various shades of sapphire and emerald. Conservative pumps give her a slight boost in height, though even with them, she still remains on the shorter side.

When she speaks, she is verbose, and her accent is British, though it’s gentle - tempered by the knowledge and frequent use of many other languages.


Anda is the daughter of a prominent diplomat in Romania. Born in early 1985, she lived and grew in the mountains of her homeland before being sent to England to attend secondary school at the age of ten - two years earlier than her peers. She likewise left secondary school two years early, at fourteen instead of sixteen. Her two years of sixth form, where she studied languages in addition to business, government, and politics, also passed quickly; she then entered Oxford to study law and linguistics in 2001. She completed her law studies in 2004, but remained at Oxford in Campion Hall (as, notably, the only woman and the only agnostic) until 2006, when she obtained degrees in Linguistics, Business, Law, and Cyber Security.

Summers during her school years were punctuated with brief trips to the United States; Anda put this time to good use connecting with her American family members, most notably Evelyn Constantine.

After four years working as a freelance consultant in connection with the EU, Anda moved to the United States and settled in New York, taking up a job with her distant family member Evelyn Constantine’s business. After a few years, she moved to northern California to take over the operations for Bolt! in that region.

Business Associates

-Dylan Price
-Evelyn Constantine
-Rickard Marek
-Simona Decebal

Whispers and Hearsay

"You see, I have this dreadful habit of being excessively polite." -Anda
"I never understood the two legged standard for beauty until I met Anda. Now I can think of nothing else." -Long Fang
"She has the resourcefulness to throw in with a septful of Garou, the knowhow to get her fair value's worth from what she gives, and the balls to walk into a full Tribal moot and not look at all intimidated. It's safe to say I like her just fine." - Laughs Last

"...And all that’s best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes" - Simona Decebal

  • She speaks nearly three dozen languages
  • Anda can hack into any computer - perhaps there's Silicon Sentinel blood in her from somewhere?
  • Slept her way through the staff at Oxford - I mean, how else do you get five graduate degrees in five years?

OOC Info

Character Information
Auspice: None
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Changing Breed: Garou Kinfolk
Breed: Homid Kinfolk
Pack: None
Sept: Luna's Awakening
Rank: None
Player: Randi
Storyteller: Woody P

Player: Randi H.

MES Number: US2013030023

Location: Sonoma County, CA

Other Toons I Run: Clarus Vilain, a Lancea Sanctum Daeva; Evelyn Wilde, a ghoul in the C/A venue (whose page is coming soon); Madalyn Abbot, a Camarilla Malkavian; Speaker for the Dead, Uktena Galliard Homid; Vex, a Sabbat Pander, Modthrax and Driver in the Diesel Dogs