Andi Arnold

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Accord PC

Player: Tina Davis
Creature Type: Mage
Division: A.C.E.
City: Albany
VST: David Robinson

Character Information

Name: Andi Arnold

DOB: 6/23/1981

Concept: Bouncer

Creature Type: Mage

Shadow Name: Brigit

Path: Obrimos

Order: Adamantine Arrows

Faction:The Council Of The Dragon (Major) The Adamant Crown (Minor)

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon: Assistant Guardian


Andi has a retainer named Amber Weiss.

Do not mess with Andi's bike.

OOC Information

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Andi became a Mage through her parents. Because she was different she had trouble and fell into the wrong crowd. She learned how to fight. She worked as a bouncer, but left her job in search of something better. She was arrested for disturbing the peace by a local cop. A member of CUT tried to recruit her, but thinking that something was off she refused. Instead she went looking for other alternatives. She was told by a stranger of a local group that may help in her quest. She set out to look for this group. While looking for this group she once again ran into the same Cop that arrested her two years ago, only now he was no longer a Cop, well she knew that from the news article on him anyway. It was almost as if by a stroke of Fate that she had wondered into the Aces Wilde on the night Dustin as closing. He had given her a smirk and that was pretty much it.

Towards the end of the evening and a few drinks later she had engaged him in conversation, through which she learned through intuition and question that like herself, he was also a Mage. As she was starting to leave he had called out to her, inviting her to a Mansion and giving her the address to it.

Andi's Bike

Player: Tina Davis

MES Number: US2012030096

Location: Albany, NY



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Nicodemia - "Andi has proved herself to me. She is a friend."