Andrasi de Covasna

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Andrasi de Covasna

(This page is for OOC purposes only and known ICly only by those familiar with Andrasi IC)

Tzimisce Clan Crest

Defender of the Faith

Andrasi (An-drah-see) was born in the Kingdom of Hungary in 1381, a few years before King Sigismund of Luxembourg took power in Hungary and Croatia. By the age of sixteen, Andrasi was serving as a squire to a Hungarian knight during the campaigns against the expansionist Muslim Turks. Though King Sigismund was deposed temporarily in 1400, Andrasi pledged loyal service to his king as was knighted as a reward and inducted into the King's personal order of knights in 1408. In 1413, he was "assassinated" by a group of Turkish infiltrators.

Childe of the Rebellion

By 1413, the Tzimisce Antedeluvian was believed to be destroyed by rebelling Cainites thirsty for the heart's blood of their sires and progenitors. Tzimisce Elder, Slanic din Prahova, selected Andrasi for the embrace to serve as his protector and champion against the rebels. His sire arranged his mortal death to be staged at the hands of Turkish assassins. Slanic properly conditioned and brainwashed his childer into unquestioning loyalty and service. By 1420, the Anarch Revolution (as it is now known) was at its peak. Andrasi did battle with countless rebelling Tzimisce to protect his lands and his sire. It was during this time that he met a Ravnos named Lazuli, and provided her two nights hospitality during one of her more tumultuous times. In 1435, Cainite society was split into factions, including the budding Camarilla. Andrasi was instructed by his sire to remain neutral and that his loyalty was always to his sire and his lands first and not to the collection of Western European Princes. They attended the Convention of Thorns in 1493, but did not join with the Camarilla. Andrasi was disgusted by the display of the fallen Tzimisce, Sascha Vykos, and vowed to himself that he would purge the earth of Vykos and the filth who follows him.

Survival of the Fittest

During the 1500's, Andrasi and Slanic were plagued by Sabbat incursions into their lands. At first, the Sabbat tried to approach the pair for conversion and acceptance into the fledgling sect; they refused. The pair were then forced to travel deeper and deeper into the wilderness of the Transylvania region of the Carpathians to avoid detection by the Sabbat. While out patrolling his territory in 1855, an unknown Cainite approached him and requested hospitality. Being of a traditional nature, Andrasi agreed to offer three-nights stay at his haven to the stranger, but was later betrayed. His guest was a Sabbat Koldun known as "Marrell" who tried to murder Andrasi with dark magics. Andrasi cut Marrell's hand from his body and took his weapon, though the Koldun escaped. He was later contacted by a Tremere Chantry and instructed to produce the sword for one of its members, now known as Walter Rook. The pair had a brief, tense encounter, though were brought together by their mutual hatred of the Sabbat.

The Tests of Time

War-torn Europe was a dangerous place for Andrasi who, through his periods of isolation and survival in the wilderness, was not well versed in Human technological changes. The world had moved beyond much of his understanding and he took to spending more and more time sleeping in the dirt of his homeland. In 2000 he was infored by Slanic that some of the Carpathian Tzimisce were going to reach out to the Camarilla in order to build an alliance with those would would help combat the resurging Sabbat forces. Andrasi had a letter hand-delivered to a Tremere Chantry in Budapest addressed to "Rook - Keeper of the Blade". A month later, Elder Rook introduced Andrasi to the Court of Houston at a large, regional gathering and proclaimed him to be honorable enough to be recognized in the city; Prince Ammarrah agreed.

Present Day

Andrasi was disgusted by the naivety shown by the Camarilla of Houston when faced with Sabbat attacks, prompting him to briefly return to his homeland at the end of 2015. As of May, 2016, he has returned to the United States with his sire, Slanic Din Prahova.

Physical Description

Andrasi wears a black and silver floral garment with heraldic dragon buttons down the front, with chain mail underneath. He appears to clearly be on a path of enlightenment. He wears a medallion of St. George around his neck.

Personal Code of Chivalry

Saint George slaying the dragon
  • To serve and fear God and His Holy Church of Rome
  • To serve and protect my liege lord and creator
  • To protect the innocent and defenceless
  • To give succor to widows and orphans of war
  • To refrain from the wanton giving of offense to others
  • To live by honor and die by glory
  • To guard the honor of fellow chivalrous knights
  • To speak truth and eschew deceit
  • To respect the honor of women
  • To never refuse an honorable challenge of an equal
  • To never turn my back upon a foe

Lineage and Tzimisce Clan Information

  • Sire: Slanic din Prahova
    • Andrasi de Covasna

Andrasi holds the title of "Knezi" within Clan Tzimisce, a minor land-holder with authority over a local domain.


  • Slanic din Prahova - Loyalty and allegiance is due to my liege lord and creator.
  • Walter Rook - Tremere Kindred Rook, Keeper of the Blade
  • Friends, allies, and enemies here
  • Seeking ties with Carpathians and kindred who would have fought Sabbat in Eastern Europe


  • He is the original basis for Bram Stoker's novel, not that other Carpathian prima donna.
  • He is still a devout Roman Catholic and defender of the Church.
  • He was an informant to both sides during the Omen Wars, playing his enemies against one another.
  • He was the personal and honored guest of Isabella Giovanni during the Camarilla Conclave held in Atlanta.
  • Namir Khan recently crushed his beer bottle while talking to Andrasi. What was that all about?
  • Insert rumors here

Quotes by Andrasi (not known ICly unless stated)

  • On the existence of Harpies - "I am to understand that you need Harpies to enforce your oaths of honor to one another? I see now the worth of boons owed from Camarilla kindred."
  • On the Via Humanitatis - "You say you use the human condition to fight back the Beast, yet humanity was cast out of the Garden for its disobedience then later washed clean by the Flood for its sin. How can one fight that which is evil with something that is inherently wicked?"
  • On the Via Equitum - "Truth, valor, faith and honor are my weapons against the Beast. What are yours, young Cainite?"
  • On the benefits of silent observation - "In my lands when a wolf stalks its prey in the forest, it does not give warning with its growl."
  • On Clan Toreador - "Where was Clan Toreador when a contingent of warriors faced down and destroyed the corrupted filth of Vozhd and infernal necromancers in Atlanta? Flinging weak insults and furniture at one another..."
  • On the growing threat of the Sabbat and ignorance of the Camarilla - "Our shared enemy stirs once more. They are choosing their targets carefully and are demonstrating their growing power and boldness to achieve small victories. Those in the Camarilla who choose to ignore these signs will be destroyed by their own willful ignorance, yet those who recognize and accept the dangers will surely be silenced into blind conformity by their leaders. I fear that the price of remaining vigilant will be too high for those of the Camarilla, as such vigilance will be regarded as "heresy" and "subversion". Those who speak the truth will first be ignored, then mocked, then silenced and finally destroyed. Then it will be too late for them all. When that day comes I will not mourn their loss, as they will have earned their place in Hell."
  • On the Pillar Clans of the Camarilla - "In the inverted world of the Camarilla, the low-blooded rats, lunatics, usurpers, and beasts have greater representation than those of high blood. One must look no further as to the reason why the Camarilla experiment will ultimately fail."
  • On the Volgirre - "And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. Therefore, that which can bend and twist the flesh is a corruption to the image of God. It is a blasphemy and from the Devil. The Devil seeks to corrupt man and sully that which God has made. Do not trust these creatures, do not give them succor nor shelter, do not suffer them to live."

Quotes about Andrasi (not known ICly unless stated)

  • "The mountains of Eastern Europe were thick with ash and my fists were always clenched, always wrapped in the gore of Szlachta. There was much destruction, much deception. Some of us who remain remember that both sides in this conflict were and are beyond redemption or truth. All I wanted for myself was to crush one more Monster, to sunder just one more Fiend into its base parts and render justice to its corrupting, assailable ways. I was surprised to see one of his kind in these modern nights. One of those who Abstained, who held fast to God, Faith and Purity. Seeing Andrasi in Sanctuary took me back to that simpler time. When devotion was enough, and when Traditions were more than just words. For this small gift, I am very thankful." - Mazhar
  • "A Soldier of God and the enemy of the Sabbat everywhere, he is a pleasure and delight. His conversational skills are without peer, and I look forward to more conversations with him." - Alexander Miguel DeSantos Jessup
  • "He had the opportunity to murder me if he wished to try. He chose not to, though I will not be seeking opportunities to test his restraint, and he has given me a respectful distance. But if anything, I can expect that he will honor any promise he makes. It is a good enough basis for our understanding." - Maria Aigner
  • "If you must work with a member of the Tzimisce, I suppose he is the least offensive of the available choices. He is useful when he decides to be, but those moments seem few and far between." - Valeria Vasko
  • "Despite his treacherous bloodline, he is an honorable sort. I'm not sure how well that mindset will work for him in these modern nights." - Walter Rook
  • "Your chivalry, if I may dare say, is impeccable to a flaw; as I have never been accommodated by a host better than yourself." - Marco Alvarez Escobar
  • "He wants to fight for whose honor? *Uncontrollable laughter is followed by this question* "Tell him good fuckin' luck." - Auggie Giovanni

OOC Player Information

Name: Chris Robertson (US2011108112)

Location: Houston, Texas

Current MES Positions: VST Sabbat

Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce (Carpathian)
Sect: Independent
City: Houston, TX
Player: Chris Robertson
Storyteller: Houston VST