Andrew Alexander Holt

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Accord PC

Player: Thomas Harden
Creature Type: Sin-Eater
Division: The Cleaning Crew
City: Puerto Rico
VST: MES Online Accord VST

Character Information

Name: Andrew Alexander Holt

Creature Type: Bound

Cell: around

Accord Status: 1

Notable Traits: Lithe (Dex 4)Long, perfectly straight black Hair

Andrew Alexander Holt.JPG

Known Information

  • Was attending Veterinary School when he was bound,
  • rather new to the accord, joined in 2011



stands 6'3 and whipcord thing, his the slight olive tint to his skin, his straight, long black hair, and the slight tilt to his eyes hint at his mixed genetics

Ghost Familar: Derk:a young man around 16-17 who looks like he was exposed to the wild after he died, ate by animals


Quite and snarky,


  • 1995, August: Entered Pfeiffer Middle School.
  • 1997, August: Entered Edison Jr. High School.
  • 1999, August attended Perry High School with his cousin Rita
  • 2000-2004: Worked at Sanders Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  • 2008, July 3: At a weekend vacation campout at Ancient Oaks, he left camp for a hike. While he walked, he received several nasty bites on the foot by a rattler. Thrombocytopenia started as well as an allergic reaction to the venom. Anaphylaxis began to occur, and he began to experience hives, cyanosis (a bluish discoloration to the face) swelling of the throat causing an inability to breath, and the the beginning of death. He saw something, but it disappeared into the foggy recesses of his mind as he convulsed. The fellow campers didn't notice he was gone until afternoon of the 4th. They found him unconscious and believed he had too much to drink and had passed out on the trail. They then carried him back to camp to "sleep it off," and when he awakened, not only did he have a "killer headache," but he found he was bound to Vermin. Bit by bit the memories came back slowly.
  • February-marchin 2009 he had a girl (Sarah Taylor) he worked with she was a computer hacker who was bound to a giest known as Gigabite (keys were indrustial and pyre) after a few months of traveling and working together, Sarah and Alex was in the underworld talking to a ghost, Sarah got a little bit sadistic and started raging on the ghost, having gone nuts from doing her vice in the underworld she attacked Alex when he tried talking her down, Alex ended up killing her multiple times the shredded the Giest so Gigabite wouldnt track him down
  • Late 2009 Met Nazlee and they quickly became lovers and partners-in-crime, traveling together and stealing to survive.
  • early 2011 Him and Nazlee part ways.. he still misses her
  • 2011, November 3: Stole some stuff from Eva.
  • 2011, November 5: was tracked down by Eva and Dimitry, after they noticed he was a believer they brought him in
  • 2014, March 1: Ended up in San Juan, Puerto Rico After He we reconnected to Dimitry


The underworld, occult knowledge and sneaking around.

Known Associates


  • "Listening to people talk about football is almost as bad as walking in on your sibling playing with themselves"--Said to Rita many years ago in high school when she tried to coax him to a Massillon-McKinley game.
  • "I remember him always catching littler critters and bringing them to me when his momma wouldn't let him keep them. It was the only way to coax Mr. Wildlife expert out into the cold and snow; he'd come out to look for animals to help."
  • "I'm escaping that nonsense and heading to Texas. Too damn cold here,"--Said to Rita when she asked if he was going to a NE Ohio college.
  • "Death yields for no man!" Alex yells this as Team Alex/Dante fought a Team Adela/Marcus in arena. Dante Weber-Karg
      • Alex is a smart guy. He is quiet, smart, and capable. That is why I recruited him for The Stygian Council, time will tell though how this young guy continues to grow as we fight this war against the Truth. I hope he is as resilient as he is talented. Dante Weber-Karg


  • Broke into this mummy dudes place and stole some shit, then met him for dinner 3 years Later
  • Has never payed for anything, simply steals it, no ones busted him though

Character Music and Inspirations

OOC Info

Player: Thomas Harden

MES Number: US2010117077