Andrew Malice

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Requiem PC

Player: Gordon Edward
Character: Andrew Malice
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Unlisted
Covenant: Unaligned
Title: None
Clan Status: 3, Covenant Status: 0
City Status: 1, Acknowledged
Position: None
Domain: Vancouver, BC - Requiem
VST: VST Requiem

Character Information

Name: Andrew Malice

Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: Unaligned

Height: 6'2

Weight: 185 lbs

Notable Traits: Quite a bland fellow.


Raised in the south by a redneck family, he dreamed of seeing the world. The colouring books he would receive were quite interesting to him. They included many animals of the animal kingdom, and it was something that fascinated him. His family took his fascination, believing it was more so for the hunt than anything else. He went out and hunted with the family, killing animals, to feed his family. With the weapons that they had it felt wrong, even unsportsmanlike, but he had to do what his family did, otherwise he’d be spending days in the root cellar peeling potatoes.

After growing up, he found a distain for those who hunt animals, specifically ones that would do it from a distance without getting themselves in any jeopardy. For a hunter to really be a hunter there has to be an element of danger. He would do what he could to scare off the animals to make it more difficult, whenever he saw them in the woods. Unless they were willing to go up close against a bear, or crocodile, he would do what he could to stop them.

A vampire became interested in what Andrew was doing, with him preaching that the strong should hunt strong animals, or at least make it sporting. It was something that they also believed in their heart, and their blood potency backed that up. The vampire decided to take Andrew under his bat wing, and brought him into the fold. Was a sick joke to test the convictions of Andrew? Perhaps. But Andrew was game.

Known History

  • Feb, 2014: Arrived in Vancouver, where there seemed to be a trade going on.

Known Associates

  • None

Quotes & Great Moments

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OOC Information

Player Name Gordon Edward

CAM Number CA2013070101

Location Vancouver, BC

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