Andrew Marcos

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Information Known by Camarilla Society

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: St. Louis, MO
Player: John Mitchell
Storyteller: Stratton

Name: Andrew Marcos deceased November 2015

Clan: Toreador

Social Class: Ancilla

Position: Primogen, sub keeper

Noble Primogen
Acknowledged by Prince Villon of France
Confirmed as Ancilla
Favored by Elder Jean-Luc Lasarde

Andrew Marcos

Notable Traits:

An Alluring 6'1" Coal Black hair, with dark brown almost black eyes with a dancer's body hunk of a man.

Known History

1918 Mortal Birth
1936 Ghouled to Lee Ann Marcos
1943 Embraced by Lee Ann Marcos
1943 Acknowledged by Prince Villon of France
1945 After returning from the war, begins looking for a woman named Jeannette 1956 Returns to France to help in restoration of Mona Lisa
1950's took up photography
1960 - 1970 followed the art such as Andy Warhol and other greats of modern art
1976 - Hears that clan Malk placed Jimmy Carter as a Prank, still thinks it's funny 1970-1990 Followed the art of music teaching choreography, Painting Sets, working the Lights, taking private photos and such with many bands ( Kiss, The Grateful Dead, Metalica, Queen Led Zeppelin, REO Speedwagon, to name but a few )
2000 Came back home to St Louis Mo, to serve the Domain.
2007 Met a young man in a Mosh pit at a concert, discussed music and many other thing over the night, soon became fast friends over the years, love when he visits. 2012 the Starving took place, dark times. eight months later returned and became Primogen of his Clan.
2014 Found two of his three mortal children, the daughters. ( one a rose the other a DoC) 2015 found his wife, now named Morgan.

known positions

Sub Harpy
Sub Keeper


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Lies, Lies and More Lies and Rumors

  • Influenced the success of Ben Hur to gain a boon
  • Artwork is not the only thing he forged!
  • Took Nephews to Woodstock to get them indoctrinated into the drug culture
  • He must be a gay Mama's boy because we have never seen him with another woman
  • Made an accurate copy of a famous painting that was left in France
  • Painted his mother as the Mona Lisa
  • Seduced another kindred at Woodstock
  • Many an art collector has lost pieced of rare art due to his skills
  • Was Part of Villon's Secret Police

Quotes About Andrew

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"Getting a straight answer about his time in France is like trying to get an accurate count of how many fleas are in a Nosferatu's warren" - Carlos Marcos
The Rose
- Dedicated to Andrew and Woodstock -Vittoria Boeotarch
"He knows that I know that he knows what I know, yet he does nothing. He is either very clever or very patient, I cannot tell which is more dangerous." - Ridley Besnik
"I am glad he is on our side, He will make an interesting Elder one day" (overheard by an Elder to a Harpy in LA 1970)

Quotes From Andrew

  • " '69 was an interesting year wouldn't you say?" (Speaking to Vittoria Boeotarch)
  • "Warhol was not as stoned as people thought he was" (Speaking to various friends)
  • "Hold still and act natural" at a photo shoot
  • "Bet it becomes a Classic!" speaking to Sterling Thorne about Ben Hur.
  • "The loss of friends and loved one happens all to often, be sure they know how loved they are"
  • "Art is not just Color, sound, or sight, it is what makes you feel something"

OOC Information

This character is an PC. All OOC questions about this PC and IC correspondence directed to the PC should be directed to John Mitchell.


My Family is a living Toreador family
My personal love of music and the desire to learn everything


The Forger (also known as Carmel-by-the-Sea)
The Button War
The Munsters

Member Information
Player: John Mitchell
Member Number: US2013070115
MC: 3
Nation: United States
Region: Great Lakes
Domain: MO-028-D
Coordinator: Erin DeMoulin-Stratton
Storyteller: Zachary W. Green
John "Reaper" Mitchell