Andrina Havelka

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Character Information

Alias: Regina
Division: N/A
Domain: Tuscon, AZ
Player: Stacie K
VST: David Musgrove

Character Information

Name: Andrina "Regina" Havelka

Creature Type: Changing Breed

Breed: Laughing Strangers

Species: Reynardi

Description: Andrina looks to be in her upper twenties/lower thirties and is 5'4" with dark brown eyes and tightly curled red/brown hair that come down past her shoulders. She is has an average build with her chest a bit wider than her waist, but her hips a bit wider than her chest. She is usually dressed in a button down shirt either plain white or blue, or blue or grey plaid. Under that she wears a tank of either blue, white, or grey. She wears jeans and usually some kind of flats on her feet. Her wrists are covered in bracelets that are woven or made of leather with decorations. She wears three necklaces on her neck that very in length with the next longer than the first.

Notable Traits: Seemingly earthbound, Rarely seen sitting or standing still, Loner, Arms usually crossed over chest, Neutral face, Somewhat short fuse and temper

Character History

Andrina Havelka was born in New York City, New York to the son of two immigrant parents and the daughter of both Romani and Native American diluted blood who moved to New York for work from New Mexico. She was baby sat by her grandparents on her father’s side who babysat her while her parents worked. They only spoke Slovak and she grew up bilingual. By the age of three, she became too much of a handful for her parents and her grandparents as she would randomly wander off. Her mother decided to send Andrina to live with her parents in New Mexico who lived on a decent farm raising livestock.

When she was seven, her mother moved back to New Mexico with her sibling after her mother divorced her father. She moved back with her mother, who remarried a year later and had two more children. Her great-great grandmother played a large role in her life, visiting her when Andrina was young and taught her a special language. Andrina would spend a lot of her time outside to the point that she had to be home schooled because of the trouble she would get into at school with not paying attention. Her parents were diagnosing her with ADD but her great-great grandmother insisted that Andrina was fine and set up a tutor to home school her.

When Andrina turned sixteen, she underwent her first change and her family learned that she had the gift which hadn’t been seen in her family since her great-great grandmother on her mother’s father’s side of the family. When this happened, they contacted an old family friend named, Coyote, about what she was.

She is known to travel around through the four corner states, sometimes just roaming while other times she travels for the supplies she needs for her craft, or to sell wares such as charms, jewelry, and naturally made oils.

Notable Ties

  • Coyote of Tuscon, Arizona (Friend of Family/Ancestor)
  • Bidziil of Tuscon, Arizona (Former Lover/Mate)

OOC Info:

Player: Stacie K.

MES #: US2014030042