Andy Green

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Andy Green

"Vincit qui patitur, autem veritas vos liberabit."

Notable Traits and Style

Andy is most commonly seen in her gray leather jacket, jeans, and combat boots. Failing her jacket, she often wears clothing depicting Thor, the comic book character, or something alluding to explosives. She carries no visible weapons and relies on her fists in a fight. She is often tactless but equally honest, and her emotional state is nearly always telegraphed. Andy is not a subtle creature. It takes great personal effort for her to withhold her sarcastic tongue in company that wouldn’t appreciate it.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Andy is originally from Athens and studied Latin in the 1920’s there. Her father was a professor at Ohio University. She is known to be a marijuana dealer with small scale business in Cincinnati. She was Embraced by a member of the Anarch movement and was a member of the Athens Anarchs until a publicly unknown event in January 2015, at which time she relocated to Cincinnati. She has never given a solid answer as to why she came to the city with no Anarch support, or why she left Athens in the first place.

Andy was a member of the Anarch movement until the interregnum of March 2015. As the then-Prince Ivy Mason symbolically relinquished praxis by casting her crown to the floor, Andy made the decision to make a symbolic gesture of her own. She attempted to stomp on the crown, smashed an unfortunate defender’s face instead of the object, was Dominated to flee, was punched by the Brujah primogen, had a long talk with the new Malkavian Seneschal, Marcus Chase, and decided to join the Tower rather than fit into an ash tray.

In June 2015, Andy was unwittingly involved in a coup that was initiated by Elder Reuben Flynn, the Brujah Primogen at the time. Elder Barrowman and Flynn had agreed to an exchange of disciplines and, apparently, an eventual move for praxis. Havok, another Brujah and Sheriff of Cincinnati, revealed Flynn’s plan to the Prince, who organized an assault in the middle of court for Flynn and his supposed allies. Andy fled as the three elders lined up beside her were focused on by the dozen or so other Kindred in the room. She returned peacefully to town, assured by Dr. Von Hoffman, Elder of clan Malkavian, that he would vouch for her, having seen she was unaware of the implications of learning Fortitude from the Gangrel.

In October 2015, Andy became “best friend” to the Scourge. Per the Courtesies of Cincinnati, the Scourge is not directly referred to as such. No one has ever seen the Scourge and their “best friend” in the same room, if you catch the meaning.

In March 2016, Andy celebrated the anniversary of her entry into the Ivory Tower at the Queen City's Mad Hatter Tea Party, hosted by the Warrior Servire, Ivy Mason. With her status ban lifted, Andy was able to be rewarded for her service to the Tower that evening by Archon Angus Hudson and Harpy Marcus Longworth with the titles Courageous and Loyal, respectively.

In the summer of 2016, praxis changed hands from Dorian Ash to Dr. Von Hoffman, and Andy maintained her position. However, per the new Prince's decree, rather than being "friend" of the Scourge, Andy is now known as the Office of the Scourge, just as the sheriff title became Office of the Sheriff.

Andy was in attendance at the Grand Masquerade of 2016. She even wore a dress for the first night of gathering. She was known to state a "two dresses per year" policy, referencing the earlier Mad Hatter Party of March 2016 as being the first, and Masquerade night one's dress as the second.

Rumors & Quotes

-Andy actually intended to join the Camarilla from the start.
-“If you can’t adapt, you won’t survive.”
-“All I’m sayin’ is you gotta be prepared. Know the impromptu uses of a car’s newly liberated back bumper, for example.”
-“If you see a scrawny elder, don’t fuck with them. Odds are good they can melt your brain or set your ass on fire. Or both.”
-Andy is approximately 95% homosexual.

"I have to admit, I may not be very fond of you, but I cannot deny what happens before my eyes. Your defense of the Tower was admirable."
-Kenneth Skelton after the Sabbat attack of May 2015


"I’ll give you a head start. You’re the tortoise and I’m the hare—a pissed off, fuck-the-world hare with a score to settle and a thirst like the devil’s own."

Andy Green
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Formerly of the Anarch Sect
Status: Acknowledged
Domain: Cincinnati
VST: Jamie Wilkinson