Andy Johnson

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Requiem PC

Player: Woody Smith
Character: Andy Johnson, or AJ
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Invictus
City Status: 1
Clan Status: 3
Covenant Status: 1
Domain: Baltimore, MD
VST: MD Requiem VST

Character Basics

"I'm an Independent Gangrel. Unaligned means one is incapable of making the choice. I have made mine and call myself "Independent"."
"Dude, chill."

Notable Traits: Physically, Andy is a fairly normal-looking dude. He has a (usually) neatly trimmed beard and (sometimes) closely-cropped hair cut.


  • Member of Baltimore, MD
  • Former Carthian Sabotage Artist
  • Gangrel for Hire, LLC

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • He's a former Carthian, a Sabotage Artist for those that know the term.
  • He's been around the block and done stuff. "Raised hell...figuratively."
  • He's been in Washington, DC since the 1970s.
  • Childe of either Serafina or Ilya. He's close to both.


  • "Before I could remember his name I just called him Cranky Big-Head. It seemed fitting." - Vincent


  • He's a (insert Covenant here).
  • He never left the Carthians and is undercover in DC.
  • He has 10 barrels of Al Capone's personal stash of whiskey in a warehouse.
  • He has a storage locker full of trophies and the staked Invictus he took them from.
  • He was all-California Gangrel pit-fighting champion for 20 years.
  • He has the most excellent herd of pot-smoking kine in the city.
  • He's scared. That's why he's avoiding the gatherings in DC.
  • The Brood have AJ's face on a dartboard. He has the best weed/booze/herd and he won't share!
  • He is actually a member of Belial's Brood, but claims to be an "independent"
  • He's really a Mekhet. He's been accused, questioned, or otherwise rumored to be one by more than a few residents of DC.
  • He tried to stage a military coup in Baltimore during the "Year of a Dozen Princes."
  • After Alexander became Prince, Andy was chased from Baltimore for several months. The night he returned, Alexander died.
  • He once picked a fight with Khalid Ibn Sahir. Neither wish to discuss the results.

Character Inspirations

  • Still figuring out where this guy came from. I started with 'burnt-out ex-Carthian.' Then, slowly, 'hippy' elements started to creep in. I ended up pretty close to The Dude from The Big Lebowski without planning it, nor particularly being a Cohen Brothers fan.
  • The Eagles...I bet it's that my weekend-morning music is heavy with The Eagles. "Peaceful Easy Feeling" is high on the list.
  • Boy, let me know what you see. I discover my characters as much as plan them...