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Brujah Symbol.png
Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: Liza Fox
Storyteller: Ron Edens

<font-size: 15pt>What is Known</font>

Clan: Bruja
Sect: Camarilla
Age: Ancilla
Position: Sheriff
City:The City on Fire
Status: (pending)

Angel is a Ancilla who has spoken out in defense of mortals, especially those who can not defend themselves. While she has the blood of an Elder, she is actually only about 100 years old, only recently involving herself in Kindred Politics. She has been known to lend her martial prowess to others in exchange for boons, or favors for those who she protects. It's not known if she will continue the practice now she has been made Sheriff.

<font-size: 30pt>Rumors</font>

  • Angel is willing to sell our her ideals for cold cash.
  • Angel is bound to the Tremere
  • Angel has a earned a lifeboon to Aharon Gadjarian for saving him from the Queen Mary.

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<font-size: 30pt>Quotes From Others</font>

<font-size: 30pt>Quotes From Angel</font>