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Name: Angel Wimsett
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Location: Charleston, SC
Positions: Mekhet Priscus, Lancea Sanctum Primogen and Bishop

Notable Traits

Angel is 'plain' and yet strikingly beautiful.
She is maternal in nature, and yet there is a coldness there that is hard to explain.

Known to Society


  • 1944: Mortal Life Begins in South Carolina
  • 1960: Pregnant, moves away from family with her boyfriend in order to not be a tax to them.
  • 1973: Embraced in a hospital by Mother Ruth, given a 'second chance at life'.
  • 1978: Finally leaves Ruth's side, setting out on her own, and taking quickly to doing things with her own spin.
  • 1978: Embraces her first childe, Gavri'el, on his death bed after his attempt at protecting a pregnant woman.
  • 1982: Gavri'el leaves for further training and guidance, and Angel moves North for a time.
  • 1984: Activates her Bloodline.
  • 1985: Angel moves from New York to a fringe town in North Carolina after hearing about a prosecuting attorney by the name of Jim James Warren Jones who showed some promise, and had soon converted him to the Lancea Sanctum.
  • 1991: Angel moves to Atlantic City, NJ for a time, and embraces Aine. They quickly vacate Atlantic City and travel together for a time.
  • 2003: Moved to Charleston, SC in search of possibly vampiric members of her Mortal family tree.
  • 2005: Became Bishop of Charleston, SC after having taken over a local Church and begun converting the flock.
  • 2008: Silently 'adopts' a Childe, Conrad Crosswick, though she doesn't express this out loud.
  • 2014: April - Begins a relationship with Belisario Vélez after falling in combat against the Gargoyles of Enkidu and being reawakened.
  • 2014: Began expanding the largest Church in Downtown Charleston to encompass not just its main grounds, but also housing, a library, and other resources for the Lancea Sanctum.
  • 2014: Established a local library in Charleston for the Mekhet.
  • January 2015: Conrad Crosswick becomes Prince of Charleston, SC.
  • March 2015: Officially adopts an Unreleased Childe by the name of Serena, removing her from the care of the Circle of the Crone Heirophant, Jean-Paul.
  • April 18, 2015: Angel Wimsett meets Final Death. Her Childer and all of those who she had bonded over the years felt her death in one horrifying instant. House on a Hill, Pretty Reckless

Bloodline mekhet qedeshah.png
In service, so long as they serve me.

In the Know


Mortal Blood Relations


  • Ruth Neeman Meyers : She gave me a second chance. I can never truly repay that.




  • None known.

Voices Whisper



  • Angel has a tendency to collect 'lost souls' as though she had sired them herself.
  • Angel pretends to care about everyone, but would sooner put a knife in your back than a smile on your face.
  • Angel was the leader of a diablerie cult. She and a number of her colleagues reached Final Dead at the hands of Georgina Godfrey.
  • For all the sociopathic evil that may have rested in this woman, her last acts included sending away those who she did cared for and did not wish to see die for her beliefs.
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  • "You keep saying 'we'. Stop including me in 'we'." - Angel
  • "Do you recognize that there are bigger fish in this room than you?" - Gold
    • After looking around: "There are certainly a lot of fish..." - Angel
  • "she promised that she would spend eternity with me... and I do not hold the actions of others against her... to this day, I still weep for loosing her." - Gavri'el Wimsett
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Requiem PC

Player: Liz N
Character: Angel Wimsett
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Quedeshah
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Position: Mekhet Priscus, Lancea Sanctum Primogen & Bishop, Sheriff
Status: Mekhet 4, LS 4, City 4
Domain: SC-012-D
VST: James J.

Music, Movies, etc

Ties Sought

  • Any.


Player: Elizabeth N.

Member Number: US2010076348

Domain: SC-012-D

City: Charleston, SC

VST: James J