Angelique Devereux

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Character Information
Clan: Undisclosed
Sect: Camarilla
City: [[Category: Masquerade|]]
Player: Rowan
Storyteller: Some Guy

Character Information

Name: Angelique Devereux
Clan: Undeclared
Born: 1846
Embraced: 1920
Sire: Constantin Vaillencourt?
Generation: Unstated
Title or Position: Prima Ballerina Assoluta

Known Information

  • Angelique is possibly one of the most talented and technically flawless ballet dancers who has ever lived.


  • Angelique was once Constantin Vaillencourt's most prized ghoul, and was given the embrace at the pinnacle of her dancing perfection.
  • That's not true, she was embraced by one of Vaillencourt's rivals, and he raises her as his own
  • Angelique is a skilled swordswoman.



Modern (To be added)


  • Breaking Pointe on The CW
  • Maria Tallchief
  • Gelsey Kirkland
  • Darcy Bussell

OOC Information

Player: Rowan

Location: Virtual