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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”
― Voltaire, (When Entertaining Angelique in Ferney, France.)

Known to the Camarilla

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Mortal name: Princess Angelique Nanette Petrojovic DuMont of Montenegro
Alias:Angelique DuMont
Nicknames: Angel, Angie, Coco, Beignet, Your Majesty, Principesa Del Rey
Clan: Tremere
Archetype: Royalty
Born: 1597 in Cetinje, Montenegro
Embraced: 1615
Generation: 7th
Apparent Age: 29
Camarilla Position:Deputy of San Francisco

  • Acknowledged by the Camarilla
  • Noble as Primogen of Clan Tremere in San Francisco
  • Confirmed as Elder of the Camarilla
  • Established as Elder of the Camarilla
  • Privileged as Elder of the Camarilla
  • Courages by Prince Julian Marcus Haldane of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Loyal by Master Harpy Arden of San Francisco
  • Defender by Sheriff Leonardo "Leon" Finch

Past Status:

  • Loyal by Myrmidon Rutherford of the Camarilla. Lost upon his death.

Distinguishable Traits:
Angelique is a beautiful African woman in her late 20's with a Parisian flare, who always has some element of purple and black lace in her clothing, and always is cinched in a black leather corset. Carries around a very long black purse, skulls or rosary incorporated into an article of clothing that she wears daily. Eyes are cryptic and often have an illusion of darkness in them. She always has some form of black diamonds on, and wears a peacock fascinator in her undercut hair, which always has elements of blue or purple in her hair. She is 5'10, and curvaceous with eyes that allude to lust and sin. Her necklace bears the symbol of her monarchy, and her royal symbol as the Princess of Montenegro.


Sire - Thaddeus Deveroux (Deceased)

Privileged Information

NOTE: The following information is known only to Clan Tremere, or those with sufficient Tremere Lore as determined by the Storytellers.'

Princess Angelique DuMont was embraced in 1715 in Avignon, France by High Regent Thaddeus Deveroux. She started as an Apprentice of the First Circle of Mysteries under the tutelage of her sire for over a decade in which she had the pleasure of meeting another young apprentice named Thomas Sawyer. There in France, they studied hard together until their studies took them abroad. Angelique then traveled to Tombstone and other Western settlements in the 1880's. After her fill of the roughness of the West, Angelique traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 1900's and stayed there until the early 21st century in which she then traveled to the Chantry of San Francisco to be of assistance to Lord Mihail Bin Kosta. In her services to clan and domain, shortly after arriving in San Francisco, Angelique was promoted to Apprentice of the Sixth by Regent Wilhelm Deitmeyer, and then further promoted to Primogen of the clan.

Character Inspiration

- Marie Antoinette
-Josephine Baker
-Satine, Moulin Rouge
-Movie: Belle
-French Revolution
-Mae West

Character Soundtrack

-Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend (Marilyn Monroe)
-The Can Can from "Orphée aux Enfers" (Moulin Rouge)
-One Day I'll Fly Away (Moulin Rouge)
-My Immortal (Evanescence)
-Roxanne (Moulin Rouge)

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"Elder DuMont? I've worked with her a few times, yeah. She's done quite a bit in order to defend the city from its threats and she's kind of a badass. I wouldn't mind working with her again. Leonardo "Leon" Finch
"Elder DuMont is much more than just a pretty face and a heightened sense of style. I would not vex her unduly if I could at all avoid it." Thea Mallory
"I could say many things about her. But I do no freely separate fact from rumor. In fact, I charge extra for excavation of someone else's dirt." Danielle Ropchan
"I enjoyed meeting mademoiselle DuMont in Las Vegas, recently. As I recall, she conducted herself with poise and competence, without the interference of the iconoclastic theme exhibited by some members of her city. The Camarilla, the Tremere, and her city should consider her an asset." Michael Cayhill
"Oh, Angelique. The power of an elder, with the verve and spontaneity of youth, seasoned with a touch of a certain royal je ne sais quoi. She is entirely unique." -Benedict
"Mademoiselle DuMont is someone who has earned more than vestigial respect from me. It isn't her game in and of itself, but the fearless, shameless way which she chooses to play it. It is surprising in verve and tenacity, pleasantly so. Also, there is that learning curve..." - Arden
"She moves with a style and grace that will make even the longest dead of us stand a little straighter, suck in the gut a little more, and attempt to woo her, even if we've forgotten how. Her passion and strength remind us that we can yet be redeemed. Also, I'll give you a boon for her number." - Benedict Crane
"Elder DuMont is quite adept and many things. A shame we did not get off on the right foot. I look forward to speaking with her in the future. On her terms or mine." - Mateo Giovanni
"Hmm Angelique. What happen, or what she will admit happened in Phoenix after the raid?" Vincent Turele Giovanni
"She's a nice Tremere Lady. Many other Tremere Lady's try to be wooooooooo spooooooooky. I mean she brought me out of Topor out of the goodness of her heart, AWESOME!" Danny McManus
"I have now twice seen Elder DuMont proudly stand against Deviants attacking my domain. Her skills are well beyond my understanding, but to see them enacted with such grace makes even a grizzled soldier take a moment to marvel." Roger Bennington
"Tremere aren't always so effervescent. I'm rather used to them being stern and direct, or dismissive. I am quite sure that demeanor has thrown off many of her adversaries in the past. Hopefully I'll never have need to doubt if she is being cordial with me, or if things have changed and I don't know yet." - Evan Lazarus
"She is a woman of so many secrets. Don't every decline to "spill the tea" with her, if at all possible." - Darren Kennedy
"She's seen me at my worst, seen me fightin' and shootin' and being all sorts of violent. One day, I hope to get the chance to show her my best." - Nick Bennett


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- She has a penchant for Toreadors, especially buxom French ones.
- When she stressed, the pressure causes her to shit diamonds.
- She is very protective of her paramours, attempt to steal them and you will wind up dead.
- She has more money than most of the Ventrue in San Francisco.
- Sticks and stones may break her bones, but whips and chains excite her.
- She is actually a Toreador that was adopted by the Tremere.
- She is a Malkavian.

- She has a strange love for large snakes and white elephants.

Player Information

Victoria Boyd

Cam Number: US201502098
Main Domain: Domain of Myst (SF)
Email: Victoria Boyd

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Victoria Boyd.
Storyteller: Donovan Forester VST