Angelique Graves

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Angelique Graves

Embraced: April 2015

Released: November 2015


Loyal by word of Elder Victor Graves, Prince of Atlanta.
Acclaimed by word of Joseph Maguire, Ventrue Primogen of Atlanta.
Favored by word of Elder Victor Graves, Prince of Atlanta.
Favored by word of Elder Catrin Magaldi of Clan Malkavian.
Favored by word of Elder Stoneking of Clan Gargoyle.

Notable Traits: Haunting blue eyes, Curly Blond Hair, Always wears a black pendant with a silver tree.

Titles: Master Harpy of Atlanta

Coteries/Societies: None Known


Sire: Elder Victor Graves

Childer: N/A

Broodmates: All presumed deceased

Known History

  • First introduced to Kindred society as Dr. Khory Duvall, a medical examiner owned by the Gangrel Jeremiah Jackson.
  • She was originally acquired by Jeremiah when he killed the caitiff vampire, Garrett Duvall, who had raised Khory as if she was his own daughter. Her primary function during the year that she belonged to Jeremiah was to help cover breaches of the Masquerade.
  • Jeremiah was adamant about not selling his ghoul and Khory was just as adamant to not be parted from Jeremiah. But with the arrival of Elder Victor Graves within the Domain of Atlanta that somehow changed. From one gathering to the next Khory Duvall the ghoul became Angelique Graves the Ventrue.
  • In the span of only eight months Angelique was released by her Sire and a month later became the Master Harpy of Atlanta.


  • Angelique was hand picked at birth to be embraced by Victor Graves.
  • Dominate was used on Jeremiah to get him to sell Angelique to Victor.
  • Victor holds Angelique prisoner and forced the embrace on her.


  • "The Gangrel guarded her, but she was never theirs. The Toreador coveted her, but that is what they are good at. She is Crusader.There is passion that burns in her heart, but the will that binds her body and soul as one beyond the grave tempers the blaze of emotion into a furnace to fuel her aspirations. There are those who think she has no place with my clan, that is simply wishful thinking. She is Ventrue and they will one night know how truly and completely she is a Queen among us." -Victor Graves-
  • "Hardly a Kindred in today's Society upholds their promises outside of prestation. Angelique has joined us as a moral compass, a reminder if you will." -Ezabella Davien-
  • "So young, So innocent, not often can you stun an elder with your age. It was a pleasant enjoyment to have someone not scared of what you are. Even if it was just a short while" _Malachai_
  • "Angelique is one of the next wave of notables to call Atlanta home. She impresses me." Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Λίγοι αυξάνονται όσο γρήγορα κι εάν έχει, προσεύχονται το αστέρι ότι της δεν καίει έξω όπως γρήγορα." - Stoneking
  • "She is dangerous in the manner that all vampire's are dangerous. She is just angelic doing it." -Arturo Giovanni-

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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Pherell A.
Storyteller: Richard D.
Member Information
Player: Pherell M. Archer
Member Number: US2014070056
Nation: US
Region: SE
Domain: GA-010-D
Coordinator: Rowan A.