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Angelos Travers was born into the roturier, or commoner, class in the summer of 1775. His parents came from a long line of farmers and workers, among the poorest of all. True to his heritage, Angelos joined his parents in the fields outside of Paris, France as soon as he was able to hold a hoe. With the growing taxes and crushing oppression caused by the bourgeois, the ruling class, the common people were neglected, starving for revolution. Angelos’ parents were no different than their peers and his father began to teach him the basics of combat in preparation for the changes in the air.

That Revolution began in 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille, several hours of bloody battle to wrest control of the prison, a symbol of royal power. Angelos and his parents were among those amidst the combat when tragedy struck. A guard of the Bastille struck down both of his parents in a cruel blow. In his rage and horror, Angelos took his weapon, a wooden spear, and slew the murderous guard. With the fall of the Bastille, the Revolution truly began, but Angelos was so consumed by his grief and the guilt of his sin lay heavy in his heart. He turned to the church to repent and pray for his eternal soul for the remainder of his life. He threw away his earthly belongings, few though they were, and joined the Cistercian Order at La Valsainte Charterhouse who sought a simple life. In 1805, after many years in service to the Order, Angelos, now Brother Travers, was sent with a party of fellow Brothers to the United States to form an Abbey among the savage wilds.

The United States was a young, untamed place and the monks found their faith and small Abbey challenged by the land. In only a few short years, the monks abandoned their Abbey, returning to France and easier lives. Angelos, the youngest of the monks, was elected to remain behind and travel later with the relics and belongings of the church. Before his trip, however, a wandering Gangrel entered the small Abbey. He sat down and spoke with Angelos for a time, about faith, sin, and damnation. Angelos found himself sharing his tale of murder and guilt to the stranger. In the end, the vampire revealed himself and offered Angelos one of two choices: Undead life as one of the Damned or to die eternally at the strike of the Gangrel’s fangs. Angelos chose to join the Gangrel in Damnation, becoming a vampire and shedding his mortal life.

Angelos spent the next few years of his undead life learning the ways of the vampire and in turn teaching his sire the beliefs he held before his transformation. After learning of the Lancea Sanctum and studying the Book of Longinus, Angelos joined his new Brothers. This path fit well with his previous mortal beliefs, viewing being stationary as a way of staying pure and following God’s plan. As he was now Damned and no longer worthy of being pure, Angelos traveled as often as he could and acted as Legate when needed. During one such trip between cities, 40 years after his turning, Angelos met a fellow Lance who was of the Nepheshim beliefs. A rarity, Angelos was intrigued by the wanderer and spoke to him at length. Angelos quickly took to the nomad’s beliefs, amazed at how similar they were to his own. Despite warnings of the difficult path before him, Angelos determined to take the vows and follow the path of a Nepheshim. Angelos joined the nomad, following him on his journey. After five nights passed, he was presented with the option of taking his vows or returning to his previous travels. Searching his undead heart, Angelos believed this was his true path and swore his vows in the mystical ceremony, beginning his five year and five day vows.

The nomad had spoken true of the dangers and hardships, especially during his first few nights. As a monk, Angelos had traveled little beyond his trip to America and the short trips after his turning. He was little prepared for a life without haven, herd, or purpose. However, it was these hardships that gave Angelos his resolve that he was on the right path and he continued his travelings in the footsteps of Longinus as one of the Holy Damned.

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In his travels, Angelos has come across many Kindred. Many have become the closest he can call to a friend, while others are most certainly labeled as enemies. Some kindred in particular have made such an impression that they warrant note.

Dotalice.pngAlexander Pope - 2013 - Met in Columbus, GA., Mr. Pope is a fellow Gangrel that has high standards for fellow members of his blood.
Dotalice.pngMay Skerrit - Coming Soon
Dotalice.pngArya Ajit - Coming Soon
Dotalice.pngSkulk - Met during 1960's while searching for Native Alaskan holy sites. Inducted him into the Lance in 2013.
Dotalice.pngDr Albert Mills - A learned individual on the topic of ghosts and the Underworld. Have met on many occasions, each time sitting to share recent findings in the area of the supernatural that we have encountered. One of the few scientists that Angelos has encountered as interested in the religious perspective on the topics he pursues.
Dotalice.pngPaladin Hibba Qaderi -


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Dotalice.png1775 - Born in Paris, France to village labourers
Dotalice.png1789 - Participates with parents in the Storming of the Bastille
Dotalice.png1789 - Parents die during Storming of the Bastille
Dotalice.png1789 - Kills the man who killed his parents (Sin of Wrath)
Dotalice.png1789 - In torment from his loss and giving into his wrath, turns to religion, joins Cistercians
Dotalice.png1791 - Travels to La Valsainte Charterhouse to live
Dotalice.png1805 - Travels with fellow monks to the United States to scout potential abbey locations
Dotalice.png1809 - Fellow monks leave the states after intense flooding
Dotalice.png1809 - Embraced by a wandering Gangrel
Dotalice.png1810 - Undergoes Three Scrutinies and joins the Lancea Sanctum
Dotalice.png1830 - Risen to the rank of Priest
Dotalice.png1850 - Takes Vow of the Nepheshim
Dotalice.png1852 - Battles with werewolf pack during travels, put into torpor
Dotalice.png1860 - Emerges from torpor, resumes travel
Dotalice.png1865 - Meets Confessor Antonio Flores as he passes through the Great Lakes area. The two share stories of their requiems, mostly the differences between acting as a Confessor and taking the Vows of the Nepheshim
Dotalice.png1870 - Meets Killian Stone during his travels and is given instruction on the most advanced martial techniques
Dotalice.png1925 - During a visit to one of the Trappist monestaries, comes across Shalegh AKA Shelly feasting on the monks. Quickly becomes hostile at the unreleased vampires lack of constraint
Dotalice.png1950 - Joins with Lucian the Redeemer to battle the brood in various locations of the South West
Dotalice.png1963 - Meets Skulk while traveling through Alaska searching for holy sites
Dotalice.png1966 - Meets Dr Albert Mills during his travels, teaches him about his religious outlook on academics, ghosts, and the Underworld
Dotalice.png1980 - Goes into torpor from blood potency
Dotalice.png1984 - Emerges from torpor, resumes travel
Dotalice.png2013 - August - Travels to Columbus, GA. Re-establishes contact with Cardinal Lucius Lamar. Participates in local war games to judge the cities preparedness
Dotalice.png2013 - September - Upholding his word, returns to Columbus, GA., helps local a child diablarist and bring them before the city
Dotalice.png2013 - October - Upholding his word, returns to Columbus, GA., participates in various activities during the celebration hosted by the local Ordo Dracul. Joins with Cardinal Lucius Lamar, and other members of the city to find and destroy the physical manifestation of a deadly curse
Dotalice.png2013 - November - Attends large kindred gathering in Columbus, GA., fights against hunters that had tracked and killed a number of other kindred, fights and captures two hunters as well as safely secures a local kindreds body during the battle, meets a number of visiting kindred, and reconnects with some of his past, granted permission to traverse NE Mississippi without being accosted by Marquis EW Monroe
Dotalice.png2013 - December - Keeping to the Vows of the Nepheshim, Angelos returns to Columbus, GA. to help with the hunter problem that still plagues the city. Acts as a host of the celebration the local Lancea members are having to celebrate the season. Is assaulted by multiple ghosts controlled by some sort of possessed vampiric entity
Dotalice.png2014 - January - Responds to electronic correspondence from Cardinal Johnathan Graham regarding infernal activity in the West Virginia mountains
Dotalice.png2014 - June - Passes title of Cardinal to Reverend Culpepper.


As Longinus wandered the nights learning of his Holy Damnation, so shall the Nepheshim to fulfill their purpose. Theirs is not a Requiem of comfort, but one of trials of faith.

~Angelos Travers

Dotalice.png The Vow of Itinerancy —
I will have no home. No place to call my own. This is to ensure I do not grow complacent, and lose focus.
I will travel under no power than that of my own person. Each step I take remind me of my Vows. Each flap of my wings gives drives me closer to my purpose. These are as much prayer as any other action I take. Transportation for nothing but the ease of travel is akin to scorning the tradition set down by those before me, and invites disaster.

Dotalice.png The Vow of Solitude —
I will wander the places between the courts of Kindred. I will bring the Testament to those unknowing of it in places forgotten by others. As Longinus wandered, so to shall I.

Dotalice.png The Vow of Hunger —
I shall never stay sated and free from hunger. I shall ensure that I always feel a longing for sustenance that I might always remember the drive that hunger provides.

Dotalice.png The Vow of Hardship —
When given choice, I shall opt for the hardest of routes. Taking the easiest tasks does nothing but weaken, and I must stay strong in faith, mind, and purpose to fulfill the role I meant to.

Dotalice.png The Vow of Equals —
I am a Holy predator, damned to walk the night and guide those capable of accepting their place towards understanding of their Damnation. I will only travel with those capable of taking the words of Longinus to heart, and only long enough for them to hear the message and let it take root. Mortals, ghouls, kindred incapable of learning, and other monters of the night are beneath me, and time spent with them is time spent squandering my Requiem.

Dotalice.png The Vow of Viligence —
My purpose is knowledge. I am to learn from the Chorbah, learn from the Testament, learn from the places I wander, and to bring the knowledge to those of the faith that I encounter. Stories are my focus, as they are usually the most trustworthy information that a kindred will freely share.

Dotalice.png The Vow of Intervention —
During my travels, any time I find a transgression of the natural order, I will take whatever actions are needed to see it rectified.

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Dotalice.png"Brother Travers was the first Predator I felt a true kinship with. While his path is different, we both prefer a Requiem lived simply and without the chains of comfort."Paladin Qaderi
Dotalice.png"Travers is an interesting blend of faith and learning. Whether we agree on matters of faith or not is immaterial; he is a good Kindred, a strong fighter, and I am glad to count him among my allies."Isk
Dotalice.png"Put your quote here!"Character Name
Dotalice.pngTravers actually runs a spy network of vast size and complexity which requires a lot of his time which is why he is never seen around town.

Angelos Travers

Player: Matthew Ballard
Cam Number: US2009125163
Venue: Requiem
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Nepheshim
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Masquerade: Healer
Requiem: Nomad
Cadence: •••••

  • Gangrel •••
  • Lancea Sanctum •••••
  • Nomad ••••• (via Requiem Merit)
  • City -

Domain: GA-013-D
VST: Kimberly Cooper


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