Anger Management

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Metis
Pack: Challenge Accepted
Sept: Incomplete
Rank: Fostern
Player: Glen
Storyteller: Jeremy B

Character Information

Name: Anger Management


Tribe:Shadow Lords

Position: Pack Omega



Notable Traits:

  • Pure Breed (3, Shadow Lord)
  • Does not seem to have any physical deformities.
  • Mood Fluctuates with the cycles of the Moon.
  • Well educated in Garou matters.


  • Isn't really an Ahroun.

Pack Members Past and Present

2014- Present: Challenge Accepted

Past - 2014:

Associates Known and Otherwise

(Feel free to add yourself if we have interacted a few times.)


  • 1978, Location
    • September 16 - Born under a total lunar eclipse. Not given a name.
      • Parents assumed dead.((PCs?))
  • 1986, Location
    • April 24 - First change, total lunar eclipse.
  • 1994, Location
    • Cliath Challenge by ((pc name/information)), Deed Name gained: Shadow Stalker

2001-2006 Ratkin War

  • 2003, Alabama
  • 2004, Location
    • Second Fostern Challenge by ((pc name/information)), Deed Name gained: Anger Management
  • 2009, New England
    • Saves a young girl named April from a gang attack.
  • 2014, Louisiana
    • Baton Rouge, Meets up with fellow Garou to investigate and take back area.

OOC Information

Player: Glen D
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Any and all types of ties are welcomed.