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"Some women pick men to marry--and others pick them to pieces." -Mae West



The Basics
Name: Angelica "Angie" Gisella Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Position: Donna of Houston, TX

Notable Traits
  • Angie speaks loudly with a thick Long Island accent.
  • Her thick mess of black hair is always done up in a bouffant or beehive.
  • She frequently wears revealing clothing and loves to accent everything with leopard print.

About (Known only to Famiglia)
Angie and her twin brother Auggie grew up in Long Island. Their house was packed with their parents and four older sisters, hence their penchant for loud dramatics. After an incident when she and her brother were 16, Angie was sent to live in Sicily with her grandparents. There, she studied the family arts and awaited her rescue from the boring country life. Several years later, with the help of some members of the Spectre's bloodline, Angie was able to leave and be reunited with her brother to be ghouled and embraced. She is now known as being somewhat of a loudmouth, a floozy and a troublemaker, but above all--a very skilled necromancer.



  • Constancia †
  • Ambrogino Giovanni
  • Lucretia Giovanni
  • Agostino Giovanni
  • Ignatius Giovanni
  • Guiseppe Giovanni † (Grand-Sire)
  • Sybil Giovanni (Sire)


Other Relatives

Enzo Putanesca, Angelo Giovanni, Valerius Orsino Giovanni, Speranza Giovanni, Mateo Giovanni


  • Though Angie enjoys the benefits the Giovanni family, she is anything but loyal.
  • Angie was corrupted by Harbingers during her time in Italy.
  • Even the family isn't sure whether or not she and her brother have a sexual/romantic relationship.
  • The investigations into her husbands' deaths show otherwise, but everyone knows Angie is a black widow.
  • Angie hasn't carried her own money in years. Every card in her purse bears a different Giovanni Don's name.
  • Angie hides small, reinforced stake in her bouffant just in case she needs to drop a muthafucka.


  • "My sister and I don't always agree, but I pity the dumb fuck who finds a way to piss both me and her off. I'll ruin your fucking sister? She'll do far worse."-Auggie
  • "She's smart, capable, and vicious. She's very like her sire and that should terrify you. Me? I think it's beautiful... and that you should run." -Angelo
  • "Angie is a woman after my own heart--she's beautiful, ambitious, and utterly without remorse." -Isabella Rossellini
  • "Ah, Angelica. Yes, a delightful young lady of verve and character; such a spirited way with words. She has my attention..." -Prince Serafin
  • "Angie may well be the second most vicious lady I've ever don't wanna meet the first."-Duncan Dunsirn
  • "Oh. My. God. That hair." - Eva Giovanni
  • "Please, for all that is merciful, at least cover yourself up!" - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Angie, my sweet loud unrepentant hell on heels Angie, she learned everything she knows from my Mare. Trust me, she doesn't need me to ruin you but I will still do it for fun if you harm her." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "Now SHE knows how to come for someone. Angie will wreck a bitch in no time flat. Impressive." - Mateo Giovanni
  • "Truth is her weapon. She should wield it always." - Clé deMontes
  • "Oh, what I would give to be Angie's brother - or to one night perhaps offer her a ring. The perfect Giovanni woman; beauty, drama, and killer dress-sense to top it off. And oh, that hair. Makes me wish I'd bound dear sweet Amy when I had the chance..." - Marshall Cartwright Milliner III
  • (French)"How interesting...and american..." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "It's all an act. She has to be that way due to the Giovanni consisting mainly of men. And she does it well. Keep it up." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "She's so hot, and such a fucking spitfire. I'd let her do all this unspeakable shit to me, mwah!" - Caspian Giovanni
  • "She is just as dangerous as she is lovely. Touch her and you won't have to fear me, it'll be her killing you" - Vincent Giovanni
  • "If things keep going to shit with the Cam, I'm going to propose that we put Angie in charge of tower relations. She'll be throwing motherfuckers off of the tower in no time." - Uncle GiGi
  • "...I miss Angie." - Auggie


Player: Zoe Miller
MES ID: US2014030015


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Angie Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
Domain: Houston
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