Anika Kuar

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A Soul Bared


Known Timeline

The Sweeping Hands of Fate

In the interests of keeping both families happy - Anika/Layla considers both lines her own but the exact parentage is still hard to determine. For ease of concern - she notes both as being blood relations, Kindred or otherwise...

The Kuar Line
Sire: Sara Kuar

The Family Ferox


Sire - Richard Turcotte

Whispers on the Wind

(Quotes - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • "When I called my daughter and asked for a warrior, she sent her son. When I called her and told her to come, she started making her way. There are few I find more loyal than my own Acolyte Childer, she is one of my best." - Sara Kuar
  • "Choices...sometimes the choices you make were good at the time. Sometimes you are betting things will work out in the end, and sometimes you are just bullshitting yourself. I know what my call was and I have no regrets about it. - Richard Turcotte

The Words of Those Without Faith

(Rumors - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • She's actually a Daeva.
  • No, she's a Gangrel
    • Not true...she's a mix of the two clans, with the best of both, and the temperament that rivals even the angriest of either clan.
  • Her gold eyes are the slain she's sent back into the cycle.
  • Sara either stole her from Richard, or vice's very..unclear, as she refers to both as her Sire...and each as her Mother and her Father.
  • Her appearance suggests she is Sara's direct mortal child...perhaps she is Richard's sire?

Requiem PC

Player: A. Hummel
Character: Anika Kuar/Layla Turcotte
Clan: Gangrel or Daeva
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: None
Status: Covenant 1
Domain: Phoenix, AZ
VST: Spider Wingate

OoC Information

  • Player Name: A. Hummel
  • MES Number: US2005096427
  • Location: AZ-010-D

OoC Inspirations