Anise Boeotarch

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Information Known by Camarilla Society

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: St. Louis, MO
Player: Lonnie Harrawood
Storyteller: Dennis Randant
Anise Boeotarch

Name: Anise Boeotarch

Clan: Ventrue

Social Class: Ancilla

Acknowledged by Prince
Established as Ancilla

A Bit about Anise

An acknowledged member of the Camarilla, has kept mostly out of the limelight. Anise prefers to work behind the scenes which drives her Grandsire crazy, possibly her sire too. She has been out of the politics of the Camarilla, well vampire politics since 1904.

The Lineage of Anise Boeotarch



  • Issiah Strupp-Boeotarch


1660 Anise Catherin De Bastian Born in Vienna to a loving mother that died and an abusive father, that blamed her for her mothers death

1673 married Agustin Filippo Herbardina

1674 Agustin starts smacking her around, cause his business is failing.

1674 she starts watching Agustin in his dealings, and helping when she can, behind the scenes she is working against him cause she has already made the realization that no man will ever hit her again and live to tell about it.

1675 she has most of his suppliers either scared of her or seduced into working with her, she announces to her husband that she is taking over his business and that he will be a begger on the street sonn if he ever puts his hands on her again, this upsets him so much that he dies of a heart attack and all she can do is sit there and watch smiling.

1680 Vittoria found out that I was running my husbands business quite successfully and ghouled me into the Ventrue clan

1709 Great Frost hit and it was extremely cold. It was also time to move on.

1710 we move to Marseille. Vittoria set up another clinic and hired the best doctors we could find. (I did most of the recruiting.)

1720–1721 The Great Plague of Marseille. More than 50,000 die in the last major outbreak of bubonic plague. Vittoria was working as a physician along with all the doctors she hired. I worked out all the legalities and such.

1725 I was embraced and took the name Anise Boeotarch.

1730 Botulism makes its first appearance in Europe; the deadly bacteria is traced to a batch of sausage. Helped to discover the cause, my help was primarily funding.

1750: Head to London

1755 Arrive in Philadelphia and set up Doctor's Office, once again I find the place and the doctors and she talks them into working for her.

1793: The largest yellow fever epidemic in American history killed as many as 5,000 people in Philadelphia—roughly 10% of the population. She helped treat patients. While I got funding and such from those that were able to afford it.

1800 I am released from the accounting. But decide to stay with my sire a little longer so we head to New Orleans area.

1825 I find Issiah Strupp and ghoul him

1875 I embrace Issiah

Rumors and Revelations

Quotes from Anise

"everything has a price darling, its just a matter if its worth what you want to pay for it."

Quotes about Anise

(Feel free darling if you must)
"Anise, I am so angry that you ran when my brother was murdered. A Ventrue never runs. Your family needed you! *I* needed you! You are hereby grounded for 100 years. In that time, know that I will be watching over you as will the rest of the family. In 100 years, we shall see if you learned anything at all about being a Ventrue!" - Vittoria Boeotarch when Anise was staked and buried

Rumors (Lies they are Darling)

- she might be dead since she hasn't been seen since 1904.
- she is taking over different ghouls bodies so as to keep everyone guessing.

Member Information
Player: Lonnie Harrawood
Member Number: US2007039645
MC: 6
Nation: United States
Region: Great Lakes
Domain: MO-028-D
Coordinator: Dennis Randant
Storyteller: Dominic F

Character Ties